Bathtub Toy Nets

My kid's bathroom is also the guest bathroom, and I was just kinda sick of having to pile up the toys in a basket or to the back of the tub for guests to take a shower. So after spending about 5 minutes researching how much a toy net was, I just decided to make my own. 

And at $2-$3 a piece...they're pretty GREAT, 
and very good sized compared to other ones you might purchase. 
They come to around 15" x 16" give or take.

Buy some double fold BIAS TAPE (I already had some on hand) and buy some NETTING. (It's right next to the tulle, except...well, it says netting. And it has tad bigger holes than the tulle). I got mine at Walmart for 97cents a yard. 

I bought four yards and took it home, and cut it into four 1-yard pieces. 
You'll use two of those pieces for one toy-net. So grab two pieces.

You know how when you buy fabric it's already folded in half? Well unfold the two pieces of netting. Stack them on top of each other and then fold it back up on that fold line. 

Though you cant tell, it's now 4 layers thick...
(and that folded side will be the TOP of your toy-net that we wont sew. It's the opening where you insert the toys. THIS IS IMPORTANT).

 Fold it in half again...

Pin the TOP of your toy net just to keep it perfectly folded in half.
And then cut off the two raw edges a bit to make them even.
You'll have two raw edges and two folded edges.

Sew your bias tape down the raw edge first. 
(You can see the pins below indicate the TOP of the toy-net).
Leave about 6 inches of extra bias tape on the top to make the loops later.

 When you get down to the corner, open the bias tape...

 and fold it over and sew down the other raw edge...(or the bottom of the toy net)
When you get to the other corner, do the same thing and then sew your last edge. 
(This is the edge that is folded, but NOT the top side).

I didn't even pin down the bias tape before sewing, I just folded it around the edge a few inches at a time while sewing it on...

Now cut the two pieces of excess tape to the same size. ( We did about 6 inches remember?)

Then sew each one into a loop and you're done!

I made two toy-nets in two different colors of bias tape...

 Take your bath toys...

And stuff your nets with wet bath toys!

You can buy these suction cups or do what I did 
and hang it from an extra shower rod I had laying around.

I've been on an organizing kick lately! This is just one of the easy projects of many lately. 
I love to systematize and organize! 

What do you do with your bath toys???


Erin S said...

oh thank you! i have the same problem with my kids bathroom. this is just what i needed. thanks!

Unknown said...

I love how in all of your crafty pictures, your nails are perfectly done! It's adorable! Just like all of the fancy women on the cooking and crafty shows. ;)


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