There's a lost world of eyebrow pluckers out there. Or too many stenciled eyebrows going in the wrong direction. Dont get caught as one of them! Here's a simple eyebrow chart to help you pluck or wax your way to beautiful brows!

LINE A: The inner line connects directly to the inner corner of your eye to the inner edge of your brow.
LINE B: The middle line goes straight through the center of your eye to the highest point in your arch.
LINE C: The outer line connects to the outside edge of your eye to the end of your eyebrow.

Simple and easy to follow. The thickness depends on your preferance or just the thickness of your brows I guess.


Brady and Christi said...

Remember in beauty school when you and I were parners the day we learned to wax?!?! Yeah, that makes me laugh!! :) You are such a cutie! I like your little blog, it's fun!

Dan and Julie Fisher said...
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