Harmful Ingredients

If you're a lable checker for your foods, you should consider your beauty products as well! The advertising on the front of your beauty product bottle lable can reflect completely different on the back. Make sure you read the ingredients! Here's some "WATCH OUT" ingredients:

Mineral oil, paraffin wax, paraffin oil are petroleum derived products which clog pores and can cause skin problems and acne.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate can become carcinogen if combined with other types of chemicals
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is used for foam car washes, engine degreasers and other type of cleaners that foam. It is also used in shampoos because it is less expensive than Sodiun Lauryl Sulfate but more harmful as well. It can create certain skin damage.
Talc powder has been associated with the increase of ovarian cancer if used too often for the genital area
Toluene is a toxic chemical compound which can irritate the skin.
Sodium Hydroxide is very toxic and can irritate the skin, in high dosage it can even cause burns and scaring.
Rancid oils used in
skin care products oxidize relatively quickly and they can cause skin damage and premature skin aging.
Propylene or Butylene Glycol can cause weak cellular structure, irritations and dermatitis.
Lanolin can be harmful if the sheep's wool from which the lanolin is extracted was contaminated with any type of chemicals.
Fragrance is a word that can describe a few thousands of ingredients which can be toxic. It can produce rashes, irritations and skin discoloration. (The smell can be decieving. I hardly buy something to put on my face or hair if it smells really good and fake. If it something like mint or rosemary, I'm not too worried.)
Isothiazolinone can cause burns and contact dermatitis for some people who are susceptible to dermatitis.

Joanne n' Brad ASKED:
"Any suggestions or recommendations for finding products that don't contain these (harmful) ingredients and are still affordable?"
ME:First I'd check out the SAFE COSMETICS website for safe keeping. And then I'd check out COSMETIC DATABASE website. And if you're still into this, I'd check out MR GREEN BIZ and ALL NATURAL BEAUTY. All Natural Beauty has homemade recipes for your Hair, Skin and Body!


Andrea said...

Amen sister! There are so many harmful, not to mention gross ingredients in products that we put on ourselves and our children! I was enlightened a couple of years ago when I found out about rendering plants...ick!

Thanks for the info!

Joanne said...

Any suggestions or recommendations for finding products that don't contain these ingredients and are still affordable?


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