Bangs can be worn to minimize large foreheads, help control annoying cowlicks or disguise forehead lines. But Bangs have a tendancy to be FRENZY FRINGES if you're not careful!
There's SO much to consider, including hair texture, hair type, hair length, hair condition, and face shape. You know your hair types, so today we'll cover bangs for face shape.
Oval face shapes - the oval face shape is considered to be a face shape that can wear any type of style or hair. This includes bangs which can be worn in just about any style. Of course bangs for oval face shapes should be chosen with an eye for hair type, texture, length and condition.
Round face shapes - the most flattering bang styles tends to be built upon long softly layered or feathered bangs (if your hair texture, type and condition support feathering) that gently hug the cheeks areas to minimize round cheeks. When skillfully constructed, bangs can add beautiful contour to round fact shaped features. Great bands can instantly chisel into the cheekbones and help them pop.
Long face shapes - blunt brow hugging bangs that softly drape over the forehead will help to give the impression of a more oval-shaped face. The oval look can be strengthened by opting for long or graduated layers that softly caress the sides of the face.
Square face shapes - consider side-swept bangs that gently curve or taper inwards towards the jaw to soften pronounced square facial lines. When well cut, side swept bangs can also help soften all the angles of the face.
Heart face shapes - depending on the ultimate goal, bangs can be selected to either minimize the general wideness of the heart shaped face or help to balance the generally prominent chin. A side swept feathered or texturized bang style can also be another great option.
A heart shaped face can also usually carry off full bangs cut straight across the face. Long or short, full bangs can look really great for a heart shape.
Triangular face shapes - wider bangs that are feathered, wispy or texturized can help to balance the face and create more of an oval shape.

If you're going for the striaght accross or blunt cut (which can also be done choppy) Remember the 50/50 hair/face ratio
When in doubt to get bangs, get the 'easy to grow out' swoop bangs. I would even go as far as saying that these bangs would look good on ANY face shape.

Short bangs are so much stinken fun! But you might want to keep dry shampoo on hand because they're more prone to getting greasy! Can you have bangs with curly hair? Sure, but you might get a few weird looks. Can you have bangs with wavy hair? HECK YES!

Take the plunge! Chop it!

If you get greasy bangs don't forget to keep Dry Shampoo on hand!


Tina said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been bang-debating with myself for quite some time now and this will hopefully help me to come to a decision.

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Stephanie said...

I actually just chopped bangs last week, and I think I like it. You should try it! I haven't had bangs since I was little, so it's kind of a fun change!

Linds said...

Man...I have every kind of bangs! Right now it's only a thin swoop. But I've had short, side, full, blunt, swoppy, long etc...their stinkin fun!

Heidi said...

i haven't had bangs in so long that last year when I actually cut bangs they wouldn't STAY on my forehead, they kept doing that weird "butt cut" thing. So gross. (even with help from the flat iron, my bangs still hated me!)

gina said...

All four of my girls got bangs this past August when we did our back to school haircuts- they are big for the under 20 set. Me? I stuck to long layers that I can still pull back in the abomination I call a messy bun.

Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

All my life I've gone through "the Bang Cycle" I get bangs w/ a hairstyle, get tired of trimming them, grow them out, see a cute hairstyle w/ bangs, cut them again... I have bangs right now and love them but am having a hard time keeping them trimmed. Do you have any DIY bang trimming tips? I'm liking the longer bang and that means trimming them a lot.

'T' said...

Thanks for giving me bangs a few weeks ago. I just wish I looked like Tom Cruise's wifey. p.s. "I like her bangs" -Pedro voice-

Jocelyn said...

So I do have blunt bangs, but my hair and forehead are kind of oily so it gives me drama, can you suggest what would help, do I need thicker bangs maybe? You totally rock I love your blog!

Jocelyn said...

So I do have blunt bangs, but my hair and forehead are kind of oily so it gives me drama, can you suggest what would help, do I need thicker bangs maybe? You totally rock I love your blog!

sweetjeanette said...

Wow! Thanks for this post! I'm due for a haircut...and color...and highlights.. LOL You've given me some great info to arm myself with!


Ujan sharma said...

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