outdoors in

I've ALWAYS loved the look of bringing beautiful things from the outdoors inside the home...
flowers, trees, plants, grapevines, etc. So on my morning walk a few days ago I came across a stream that had some scattered wheat and cattailsgrowing in abundance. . . {below}

...I totally had to go get a pair of scissors and snip them for a fall look for my home.
{thank you Mother Nature!}

I gathered each and arranged them {tall, medium, short,}
snipped them with my scissors and
bound them with an elastic band.
Then I covered up the elastic band with a
barn red ribbon.

My wheat went in a silver pewter pitcher
(a gift from my grandmother)
and my cat tails look great on my antique piano.

Wishing you a Happy Fall and hoping you can find a way to
'bring the outdoors in'

xxoo T


Lee said...

Love that!!

Linds said...

I know! Seriously BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! And can it get much better than free?

rebekahweckerly@gmail.com said...

too too cute! Likt how you have the wheat sitting on the little chair!

Lacy said...

Oh I like how your creating height on your mantle. That little chair is adorable. You had me with wheat and cat tails. The only thing that could make that duo an amazing trio would be pussy willows. I LOVE pussy willows.

Unknown said...

Very cute! Great job. Looks awesome!


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