♥SuMoS sWeEt StUfF♥

Hey everyone! I'm Blog swaping with only the Best of the Best!
Get to know Summer! Author of "Sumo's Sweet Stuff!"
If you're from the Cuegly Crowd, go join the Sassy Sweet Stuffs!
Hello Cuegly readers! I'm Summer, or Sumo as my husband lovingly calls me. (And now consequently has all of my family calling me. Doesn't Aunt Sumo have a nice ring to it?)
I'm the blogger from Sumo's Sweet Stuff!
Sumo's Sweet Stuff
I use my blog to share my projects, tutorials, recipes, host giveaways, and shamelessly promote my etsy shop!

- married to my best friend
- mother to the most beautiful baby girl
(and one on the way!)
- daughter and sister to the best family ever

- friend to some of the greatest people out there


- play piano
- sing

- read
- craft

- go on walks

- spend time with my family
- drink Diet Coke

- bake/cook

- exercise (well, sometimes)
- crochet

- Diet Coke
- popcorn

- chips and salsa
- anything that involves peanut butter and chocolate

- public library

- fall

- craft stores

- black and green

- Christmas
- historical fiction
- cats

Here are some of my favorite baking projects:

From left to right:
- Easter egg no bake cookies, bon bons, multi-colored cupcakes
- Chocolate bowls, jello cupcakes, s'mores cupcakes
- White chocolate cheesecake cookies, pretzel truffles, bon bons

Here are some of my favorite crafts:

From left to right:
- Nylon headband, notebook/pen set, personalized bib
- Fabric covered hangers, bow holder, wood frame
- Fall wreath, re-purposed formula cans, birthday banner

Here are some of the bows in my etsy shop:

And a few more items from my etsy shop:
I recently set up a blog schedule so you can find something different being posted each day of the week: Market Yourself Monday, Tutorial Tuesday, Mouth Watering Wednesday, Things to Try Thursday, and Feature Friday.

I love hopping around the blogging world and finding new blogs to stalk! Lindsay is so creative and spunky, and I just love all of her ideas!

Come on over to Sumo's Sweet Stuff and let's be blogging friends now!

Thanks for doing the blog swap with me Lindsay!


Lacy said...

yum. Those sweets look delicious and fun. I will definitely have to check out your blog for recipes. A woman after my own heart-sweet treats and historical fiction.

Unknown said...

Ha! Sumo is so cute. Linds, love your blog redesign!! Are you on Twitter?



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