FABRIC FLOWERS {and a headband}

Talk about simple!

I cut out a circle of fabric and folded the edges into the center and held them in place with a button (sewn or glued) and...
Dont these look great on a headband?
But the possibilites are endless!
How cute would it be on a SHIRT?!
Or a HAT?!
They're SUPER EASY, the hardest part will be cleaning up...
I definitley couldn't post my florals without FEATURING Linda w/
I thought I'd lead you over there for the TUTORIAL!
Thanks LINDA! You're 2 Great!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Happy Giving Holiday! And for those of you who dared the morning crowd this morning...I hear ya...I hear ya.

I'll be posting a different headband soon! (And WOW I need to color my hair.)


Unknown said...

That headband is just WAY TO CUTE!

Lacy said...

ooh, those flowers are fun and simple.
I need to tell you that for breakfast yesterday we gourged on your FABULOUS pumpkin pancakes with accompanying syrup. Everyone loved them (and with the picky nieces and nephews I had at my house that's saying alot.) We were happy that there was so much of that syrup left over. We bottled it and will enjoy that liquid candy on french toast today. Thankyou.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Thanks for the feature!! Your versions of the 2 Minute Fabric Flower are so cute! That headband is gorgeous!

Can't wait to see what you send me for Reader's Tutorial Week :)

Six divided by two..... said...

The flowers are divine and the headband is beautiful!!!!

Ana said...

Hi Linds,
Love the fabric flowers. Too cute on the headband. You're right...the possiblities are endless. Thank you for the info on the turorial. I will definitely be paying Linda a visit over at Craft Aholics Anonymous...love the blog name. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and hope you have a super weekend. Until next time.


Lacy said...

haha..I just saw this hair color part at the end. That's funny.

Ali said...

these headband are looking so fantastic. The flowers are fantastic and the headband is beautiful!!!!

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