CUEGLY 1-oh-1

How do you pronounce CUEGLY anyways? Well try this...
Some (or most) clothes I like to wear can push the 'ugly' side. But I say it's UGLY enough to be CUTE! The phrase 'That's So Cuegly' originated from my crazy brain about 2 and a half years ago. Cute/Ugly= CUEGLY. (my husband still loves me)
I started my blog last June and the first name I came up with was Bitz of Glitz, but that lasted about a week and I switched with something MORE ME and MORE ORIGINAL. (I typed in Bitz of Glitz on google, and obviously I wasn't as original as I thought).
I added a SEARCH on the left hand sidebar for those of you who want to search anything on my blog! (dont you hate it when you're looking for SOMETHING you saw SOMEWHERE, on SOME BLOG, and you cant find it ANYWHERE!?)
At the top right sidebar there's a button that will take you to a list of "My Favorite Projects." I try to update it every month.
At the bottom of each page is a map of people who have visited today around the globe! WELCOME!
Look around and dont forget to CONTACT ME with any questions! I love all the Beauty Tip Tuesday Emails I get!
Come back tomorrow for a lil craft that will FINALY organize my life...well at least a small portion of it. But a little couldn't Hurt!


Lorie said...

You are just CUTE! I don't know where the ugly comes in!

Mad in Crafts said...

THANKS for adding the search bar! I keep telling myself I need to come back here and get re-read your post on cleaning out make-up brushes so I can finally de-grossify mine!

seven thirty three said...

I'd say its better than Fugly! :)


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