BTT {Multiple Mineral Makeup Reviews}

As promised, multiple reviews of mineral foundations. I'll tell you any Pros or Cons I found, including Price/Overall Coverage on the face/Amount of Color Shades/SPF/ and all these resulting in an
Overall Rating (ranked from 1-5).
But before I review, let me first start by saying that using a mineral makeup without using a makeup primer could result in a totally different experience. A makeup Primer is a must! I apologize because i haven't tried a lot of primers and don't have any reviews. But lets talk mineral makeup...

SO! In NO particular order...



PUR: I got this online (only had to pay a shipping fee of $4) and it was the first and only pressed mineral foundation I've tried. I like it. I had to get use to using the right consistency, but it was a good makeup!
Price: $25
Coverage: Good, but orangey
Color Shades: 10
SPF: 15
Overall: 2 {because of price, and I'd rather use loose}

RIMMEL: You're going to see MULTIPLE containers that try to out-whit the others by making a neato brush that's ATTACHED to the container, (in this case, a spongy thingy) and I'm going to say this multiple times...It's ridiculous. You're just going to end up paying more for the little bottle JUST because there's an applicant attached (that I NEVER use and it takes up too much space). I found this makeup to be too loose without any coverage. And a lil too shiny. (No really...there's shimmer in it).
Price: Under $7
Coverage: Poor
Color Shades: 5
SPF: none
Overall: 1

RAWminerals: I hope I don't get arrested for this, but I've ordered the trial kit, seen above, {3} times. If I were going to go with a professional brand, I'd choose RawMinerals. 1:Great Coverage, 2: I'll ALWAYS use that fancy brush you can see leaning on the far left. Getting use to using the brush takes a few tries, but the BEST brush on the market. It can pick up a thick amount to use as a concealer, or tap it off for your foundation. You DO have to return the containers {for the trial kit} unless you want them to charge you for next month's makeup order, but you can keep the brushes.
Price: Kit $4.95 shipping (but I closed out of checking-out once and it offered me half the shipping)
Coverage: Great
Color Shades 4 duo shades
SPF: 18
Overall: 5 cheapest of the profession lines, and may be worth it to you.

AVON: My mom and I have ordered from Avon multiple times...good times. I'm impressed with their mineral makeup quality. They run for about $11, but we always waited to buy it when it was on sale at $7. My only problem was finding the right shade, (they have more of a choice then they did then).
Price: $7.99
Coverage: 3
Color Shades: 10
SPF: 15
Physicians Formula: Day 1: I thought I was hooked when I first bought and tried this. It has a dua shade combo so that you can make the right shade yourself. AWESOME. But then throughout the day I noticed that I started glowing...no really...I looked like the Heisman Trophy. The shimmer over took my face. Okay, I'm exaggerating, like I said i was impressed. I actually still end up mixing a little of this to whatever foundation I'm using that day because of the glow. I'd recommend trying this one out. The lid and spill proof covers are annoying, but at least the brush is removable.
Price: Under $10
Coverage: Great but a little too shimmery
Color Shades: I believe there was 3 duo shades
SPF: 16
Overall: 4 {see how it works for you}

Neutrogena: Not a lot of good to say about it. The container is more expensive than the makeup and ridiculous to use. Shameful amount of shades...4. Chalky finish, more like a powder than a foundation.
Price: $12
Coverage: Poor
Color Shades: 4
SPF: 20
Overall: 1.5

Bare Escential's Bareminerals: A great foundation. Great quality and coverage. But we all know the pricey minerals are not always intriguing. I enjoyed this makeup very much while it lasted.
Price: $28
Coverage: Great
Color Shades: 20 ( but that doesn't include the different finishes like Matte, etc)
SPF: 15
Overall: 4, because it's pricey, but if you got the mulla, I'd WOULD spend it on this!

Maybelline: Mmm, I enjoyed this. I'm SO glad Maybelline came out with a mineral line. I not only love to use their foundation, but I'm addicted to their bronzer as well. I wish they had testers, because finding the right color can be difficult, always go a touch lighter when in doubt, because you can add a bronzer or mix it with a darker color later if needed.

Price: $8.99
Coverage: Fair , more like a powder
Color Shades: 9
SPF: 18
Overall: 4
(need tester samples desperately)

E.L.F.: I JUST got this yesterday in the mail for $5. (.1 oz) I love the coverage, but even though it was only $5, I dont think there's enough makeup in there. I thought maybe ELF standed for lil' products, but it actually stands for Eye's Lips Face. It also seems rediculously hard to get it to come out of those little holes...why wont you come out? Side Notw: I've gotten some great great products from E.L.F. and for a steal of a deal!
Price: $5
Covereage: Great
Color Shades: 5
SPF: 15
Overall: 3 You dont get a lot of makeup in that little container.

L'Oreal Bare Naturale: This has stolen my heart. I've used Maybeline because it's about 3-4 dollars cheaper than L'Oreal. But Maybeline is more like a powder than a foundation. Especially compared to this! Great creamy coverage! Favorite drug store M.Makeup. I WANT to complain about the atached brush, but it's such a good brush that I cant complain too much.
Price: $12.99
Coverage: Good
Color Shades: 10
SPF: 19
Overall: 5 , cheap and delicious for my face!

ALMAY: Love the actual foundation...hate the container. (Can someone please send a MEMO to all the mineral makers and tell them to stop getting fancy? It's more complicated, bulky and time consuming than useful). A good smooth finish, but you're just paying for the container.
Price: $12.50
Coverage: Good
Color Shades: 8
SPF: 15
Overall: 3

Sheer Cover: My FIRST ever mineral makeup. Loved it. I like this better than Bare Minerals. I like the brush. (Although it doesn't compare to Raw's) I love mixing and matching my color. Expensive, but, like before, I only got the trial offer.
Price: Kit= $29.95
Coverage: Great
Color Shades: 4 Duo shades
SPF: 15
Overall: 3 (Pricey, and least of my favs out of the professional lines)Cover Girl Trublend: Big and bulky container. Chalky finish, and I wouldn't even use it as a powder...just too...CHALKY with no coverage unless you want to look like a powder ghost.
Price: $6
Coverage: none
Color Shades: Dont Know Sorry
SPF: 10
Overall: 0

My Top Picks For You:
Physicians Formula
Raw Minerals
Hope it helped! Please remember that if you have any quiestions EVER, shoot me an email. It's hard for me to get back to everyone when your question is in a comment post. But please share you mineral foundation loves-n-hates with the crowd! Everyone has a different skin type!


Emmalie (or fondly Emma) said...

Mabelline is actually the one I am using currently and I have the bronzer as well. I am liking it better than anything else I have used. I also have decided that I prefer the loose powdered over the pressed because you have more control over how much you are getting.

Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

I use the Maybelline too and I love it. I've never been one to use foundation but I like their product. Thanks for your review.

Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

PS This is the only foundation I've been able to use b/c traditional foundations make my dry skin flake. You've got to use the primer!

Anonymous said...

hey GREAT round up! i've been struggling to find a really great mineral makeup..i've tried a few of the above but i think i'll try RAWminerals based on your fab reccommendation! thanks :D

Unknown said...

I actually use the TruBlend and really like it. Maybe it's because I'm cheap, but I tend to have very oily skin, so I haven't noticed any chalkyness.

Unknown said...

Wow! You worked hard to provide this info to us! Thank you, thank you! I STILL have not found any coverage I like so I'm definitely going to try your suggestions!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

This is a ton of info! I'm not a huge makeup wearer, but once I run out I'll be giving one of these a try! I'm so sad, your beauty team member didn't join you for this post! They're super cute gals!

-nick and whitley- said...

**sigh** i LOOOOVE Raw minerals.. I got the trial kit so there isn't that much, I save it for special occasions when i want to look FABULOUS!!

Kelly B said...

You skipped the philosophy brand. I have never used such a foundation that made my skin look flawless. I have tried others and they broke me out. Philosophy makes your face look air brushed. It is more pricey, but the containers are larger than some of the others and the coverage makes it worth it. Try it out!! You will love it!! ;0)

Tiffany said...

I've always wanted to try Raw Minerals. The commercials always entice me! It's nice to know it's actually good stuff.

I'm glad you mentioned Avon. They have great stuff. I actually just started selling it a few months ago. If you need a place to order go to my online store: www.youravon.com/tbrown9596

Holly Lefevre said...

I have tried the Neutrogena and Almay and I didn't like either enough to try it again. Great review. I sucked it up and bought the Bare Escentuals {and not because I am blogging about their campaign on Fridays - I received nothing for that} and I am hooked...I go cheap on the other makeup, so I justified the bigger price tag for a smooth, even foundation. Good info!

504 Main

Megan said...

ok, so I have wanted to comment forever! this week has been a whirlwind I swear, anyone else feel like that? anyway...
ahhh. thank you thank you for your reviews. I felt like I had tried every make up under the sun... but no.. YOU definitely have haha. you put my makeup intake to shame. It's impressive :)

on my quest to find "the perfect" mineral makeup I found out even though they label it "mineral" make up, it doesn't make it so and its a clever marketing tool. There may be some minerals in it which is why they call it mineral makeup BUT they also add other preservatives and such. LAME! and so sneaky! ANYWAY...

I loved Bare Minerals coverage. But it is very pricey and it would kinda make my skin itch if it was really hot outside. Which come to find out is an ingredient in their product that isnt really a mineral! Again.. LAME!

all the over the counter, store stuff like Maybelline or Cover Girl is so so bad... I feel like it is caked on and gives me some weirdo, unnatural color. either ompalumpa orange or casper the ghost glow. Gross.

I use Sheer Cover now and HATE it. It is sliding off my face at the end of the day. It doesn't have a good "staying power" like the cheap store brand stuff, but I dont want the weirdo colors or have a caked on mask! is there no happy medium?! Also at the end of the day it tends to be a bit more orange or yellow as well. Which come to find out is another weird not quite a real mineral they put in it! This whole "mineral" makeup but not really thing is frustrating...

So.. I found this L.A. mineral stuff. It is a smaller company right now and the lady that owns the company is fabulous. (I have emailed her back and forth a few times)she works right with her customers so that is great. on their website they put exactly what is in the makeup and its translation, or what it does for the makeup! awesome! They have 2 dollar samples to try out! I am waiting for mine now, and I will let you know how it goes. I am praying it isn't to good to be true. Also, if you buy 10 samples I have a coupon code for buy 10 get 5 free...so you really only pay for 5! awesome. They are relatively priced for the full sized makeup so I dont have to cut off a limb to pay for it. Im really hoping this is the best find ever...

If that is crappy I am moving onto trying RAW or MAC makeup...ahhh.. the saga continues..

sorry...that was really really obnoxiously long winded...ill stop now :)

Megan said...

ok.. not done...

I just had to say that the weird brush/applicator things are so so dumb and pointless. they are a waste of money for everyone involved.

I say we write a letter to these companies about how lame it is. Then they will hire us and we will have brilliant ideas and make a bigillion dollars! mwahahaha!

good plan huh?

(ps. love e.l.f. stuff, havent tried their mineral makeup. and I love the maybelline bronzer too. And I made one of those shirts for Hayden! super cute! thanks for finding a brilliant idea and posting it. ill put pics on my facebook today!)

ok..hopefully you dont think im a total spaz...the end

Anonymous said...

i passed on a Lovely Blogger award to you because i LOVE your makeup tips and projects!


gail said...

thanks for the review. i have tried several different mineral co's and am still looking. i'm probably a little older than your standard reader, but do you have any advice for a mid 40's person with dry skin. i'm about ready to go back to liquid just cuz the minerals tho nice, seem to dry out my skin even more and accent any wrinkles i have. i'm having a hard time getting the coverage i need without looking like i've put my face in a chalk vat!!!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

Thanks for this post! I had the same problem with Physicians Formula. I thought it was just me. I like to glow but not look like a reflector!

Sarah Jane said...

I have to say i'm using Maybelline right now too, and I don't love it. I don't think it covers my freckles and splotches as well as bare minerals. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and spend more to get the coverage I want.

BJ_Mama said...

oKAY, Lynds, you are so GREAT! I was in need of a new powder...wondering which one to try....You're a LIFESAVER, girl! THANKS!

The Riebeek Family said...

I was curious what is your is your all time favorite foundation is it a liquid, pressed, mineral, etc. Thanks!


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