Cant live without you this WINTER.

Winter can be harsh...for those of us who actually have cold to freezing weather and snow capped cars (or worse...Brisk wind). How are we suppose to look are best during these conditions? Well, we're women, and we're up for the challenge.
Here's my Winter Beauty List that I stay on top of:

Natural makeup. There's limits when we use are face as a color-wheel during the summer, but winter time is for browns grays and charcoals with a subtle glow. Keeping it natural will go a long ways.
Below I can see, a natural foundation, a blended eyeliner, mascara, blush, eye shadow, natural lips, and highlights on the cheek bone, under brow, center nose and inner eyelid.
Gorgeous...easy peasy.
Blush... We're cold, it's Winter, are cheeks shouldn't be pale or bronzed, they should be
kissed-kold. A cream blush is most natural.
A smokey eye...I can tell you right now, that tomorrow night I'll be all about the smokey eye. It's my late night date with the hubby for New Years Eve. But dont forget that your lips need to be tuned down if your eyes are tuned up, or visa-versa.

Palladio's Herbal Tinted Lip Balm. Found at Sally's, this lip balm is my new favorite carry everywhere with me friend. I'm only a fan of the natural nude color you see in the back right. I think it's called Champaign. But it moisturizes and enhances my lips in seconds. And it's an easy to carry and apply chapstick. No one will know it's your favorite beauty product when you pull it out of your purse to moisturize your lips.If you hate color or gloss (I wont judge you:) Then the eos chapstick is for you. I have the yellow and I LOVE it. And it saves time because you apply it to both lips at the same time. (My husband loves it too...but shh...I didn't say anything).
Banana Boat's Deap Dark Summer COLOR sunless tanning lotion is another travel friend. It's Winter...need I say more? (if you've never used sunless tanning lotion, be sure to follow directions...or web search to find your most successful way).
Burt's Bees cranberry and pomegranate Sugar Scrub: Some people avoid the words Sugar and scrub during the winter because it sounds harsh. Negative. Think of it this way...scrubbing off excess dead skin that the cold weather curses us with. This will only make your hands feel as if you've been to a spa.
Argan Oil. It's on sale at Sally's right now, and I live for it. Everytime I wash my hair, this is the first product I put in when I get out of the shower. Why? Because I want it to be the first thing my hair soaks up before the other products. Smells delicious too:)When I haven't washed my hair for 2-3 days, my hair is greasy. Winter doesn't take that away, it's always greasy. So my dry shampoo from Sally's is a life saver. I wake up, spray it around my greasy hairline, brush it, and awww......my hair's manageable again.
The new winter makeup/beauty trends are created to enhance natural beauty with both cool and warm toned makeup and soft edges. So inspire yourself and feel beautiful. Even if you're in a snow storm;)



1 Funky Woman said...

I want Jennifer's smokey eyes! Hope you post pics of your smokey eyes tomorrow night!

Great tips and products! I've wanted to try that Eos chapstick!

Happy New Year!


Belle said...

Have fun New Years Eve! I love the look of smokey eyes. But I do make my own sugar scrub with sugar and olive oil. It works wonderfully.

Momma Button said...

Can't live without Argan oil! I have several clients hooked on it too. Have a great date night!


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