Stylish Blogging {or so they say} Award

Copy Cat Crafts got ahold of me telling me she had awarded That's So Cuegly with THIS!...

I feel so thankful and bashful. What a pretty award. (And so shiny.) So all I have to do now is tell you 8 things about me, award 8 bloggers and then let the bloggers know that THEY won too!
Sharing is so wonderful!

I'll make this QUICK!

1: I love indie fashion! It's so free and there's no fashion falses. Just love.
2: I'm devoted to God. I love him, and that will never change. I know that he has a hand in everything and because of that knowledge, I hardly ever worry. Seriously.

3: I want to travel the world. DESPERATELY. Here's a picture of me pretending to be in Italy. It's just down the street actually, but still...I have an imagination...or something completely psychologically wrong with me. But God created such a beautiful earth and I want to see as much as possible. I want to go on a Gondola in Venice, and see the structures of Rome, see the green hills in Ireland, a rhino in Africa, a whale in Alaska, a large spider in Australia, and the Statue of Liberty in New York.
Some day.

4: Because of my sick obsession of wanting to travel the world. I have another sick obsession. This blog! The Cherry Blossom Girl. I could get lost in her blog for days. But I refrain. (You should see her trip to Tahiti this summer. She's a GREAT great photographer!)

5: I'm a photographer. I love turning my photos into art! (Soon I'll have a giveaway with a free photograph print from my photo library for one of my readers!) If you're anxious to see some, I just started a FB page and I'm getting caught up in adding all my photos.

You can definitely iLike me if you want to of coarse :)

Here's some quick pics:

6: I have a very large bucket list. I love having ambitions. No, I don't plan on achieving them all in my lifetime, but it's better to hope and reach, then to sit on my booty all day long. Things on my list include:
Going on a hot air balloon ride
Being in a cheesy comercial
Winning the world's hot dog eating contest
and shopping in Paris

7: I'm a Cosmetologist and love love styling hair!
It's even better if I can style your hair and then take a fun photo shoot of ya!!!
That's so Cuegly's top post is the HOLLYWOOD WAVES TUTORIAL. So enjoy, but come back to see # 8.
(this is not me, it's my cousin in law. I did her hair and took her bridals)

I love racing. I ran Cross Country and Track in High School, and I blame it on that. But I hope to own my very own race-cart track so that I can kick some major booty every day...because I'm not competitive at all. (As my husband chokes in disbelief).
As for now, I just Mario Kart it up!

My 8 Stylish Blogger Awards
are in backwards-alphabetacally (because I want to)
Congrats to:

So it's time to blog hop and check these cuegly crafters out! I love them!
Thanks for hanging on my blog porch today.



Anonymous said...

you are so sweet! thanks so much :) great round up of other fab blogs too!


Momma said...

Whoot! Glad you liked your shiny award! ;) I ran track also. We didn't have cross country or I would have done that as well! :)

Alicia@Thrifty And Chic said...

Thanks for the award :)

I'm amazed at your photography skills! - good grief...growing a green here :)

Courtney said...

I meant to do this awhile ago, but THANKS for the award! Your photography is great! Have a wonderful day!



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