T-shirt Scarves

Finding 'good' scarves for the fellas can be difficult. All those plaid ones are just fine of coarse, but I was ecstatic to find LIVING WITH PUNK'S version of the "Man Scarf" {even if it's for little boys}. She cut up old T-shirts and backed it with fleece. At first I was only slighty dissapointed because fleece can be expensive {especially if you live in a resort town with prices jacked up}. But I found myself at the dollar store and low and behold...
$1 fleece scarves. Seriously. And the perfect size!

I made mine a little different and just cut as much fabric that I could get from T shirts in an 8" width.

Like so...

Then I cut different rectangle/square and angle shapes from those shirts and laid em out on the scarf to get the right length.

I did one for my daughter too...

One of her T's had ruffle sleeves and I used them on the ends :)

I loved them so much that when my mom called telling me we'd be taking christmas family pictures outside and to wear hats and scarves, I had to make ones for my hubby and I too.

Here's my large clan.
Me and MY fam are bottom right :)

I'm the one in the snow capped white hat.
{click on pic to enlarge}
Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas!


'T' said...

wow, who is that cutie right in the middle on the top row...? she's wearing a red flower on her jacket. she looks festive and fun. merry christmas lindz. t

Unknown said...

Love those! What a fab job you did! I love that girly version especially. Thanks for sharing.


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