V-Inspiration...{Just 4 U}

3 quick links for you to explore and be inspired!

This 3D paper heart is to die for...found HERE.

Let me give you a hint to this adorable {easy peasy} wreath... WIRE HANGER!
Found Here.

And of coUrse, Martha. Found HERE.

{The reason I cap the U in course, is because I got the funniest email yesterday...I had an avid blog follow proclaim her pet peeve to me...when I spell 'of course' like 'of coarse.'
heehee. I love you guys! And I'll try to keep up on that, but I cant make any promises because my fingers type too fast and my brain doesn't keep up sometimes. Or visa-versa I'm not sure.}

With Love...


'T' said...

On a scale from one to ten... you are an... 11! love these ideas.

Belle said...

These would all look great on a Xmas tree, maybe in different colors. I love them.

Andrea said...

Never noticed your spelling! Looks good to me, besides I,m here for this awesome blog not a spelling lesson! keep up the good work!

Andrea said...

Haha, I put I,m instead of I'm, now I'm all paranoid! LOL! :)


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