Sally's Wispie Lashes Review

I know I'm going LASH crazy right now! Reason being: I use to have great lashes...but after (what I've figured) having kids, my lashes are gappy, and so many different lengths. I use to have to trim my lashes because they were so long, now some are that long and the rest are short. It's annoying. And mascara already takes forever to apply perfectly, but it's even MORE of a process when your lashes are screwy.
I'm still considering applying lash extensions. But I haven't tried applying them myself yet. I MAY get brave enough to do so. But for now...I'm trying just about everything else first!

So here's my review on SALLY'S ARDELL WISPIES
Online or in-store
HERE'S MY 1 minute/6 step TUTORIAL
First: apply all your makeup before applying lashes. Even your eyeshadow and liner.
Second: Use 'dark' glue. Not clear because it still sometimes dries white.
Third: Cut lashes to your eye size.
Fourth: Apply thin glue line to lash line.
Fifth: Let dry for about 30 second (or if you're impatient like me, blow on it for 10 seconds)
Sixth: Apply. First apply the inner corner of the lashes right to your natural lash line. Then move out until you've applied the whole lash. Use your finger like a mascara brush to curve lashes to desired curve. I usually give a little touch/push to the corners of the lashes and the center of the lashes to make sure it's stuck on well. Repeat other eye.

{sorry about the blur and the freaky stare}
They're SO natural that my husband had NO idea. They're not like other false lashes that look straight and perfectly separated. These are slightly crossed and wispie to look so natural.
I'm more than happy with the results.
It takes me ONE MINUTE to apply them!
I even wore these in EXTREME wind conditions yesterday running like 10 errands. I thought FOR SURE they were going to come lose or fly off. But no. They stayed perfectly put.
I'm giving these a 10 out of 10!

I've worn fake ugly lashes before that weren't even worth it because they bugged my eyes so much! But these are quite comfy.

I promise I'm going to post some craftiness soon.
I just had to get my lashes in order first :)
p.s. No, I didn't do my hair this morning. This is my bedhead/gwen stephani look!
p.s.s. please try the frosting below.


Julie said...

How long do they last?
They look amazing!!!

'T' said...

oh! nice. where does one get these? sally's beauty supply?

Linds said...

They're totally RESUABLE! And I bet you could softly wash them too! But if you DO need to buy another pair in a month, they only cost a few bucks! I got a discount cuz I'm a cosmo girl but I think they're $3.

The Rogers said...

they look amazing. i had a problem with my eyelashes breaking. found out it was my mascara. cheap mascara has tar in it which makes them easy to break. maybe a more expensive mascara would help.

Holly said...

You are just too pretty. Lovin the lashes though.

Cori said...

Ooh, I'm going to have to get me some!

A few questions - do you use mascara after applying them? And did you apply them to your lower lashes too?

Snooglerat said...

I love how these are natural but full looking... and BTW you have GORGEOUS eyes!

I usually cut my lashes in two and use them on the outer 1/2 of my eye. If I wear them too close to the inner part it drives me crazy! :)

Great post!


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