A day without SHOES.

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So tomorrow I'll wake up. Make breakfast on my hard tile kitchen floor without putting on my comfy warm slippers. I'll pack for a driving trip shoeless. Drive 3 hours shoeless, and visit family and friends...shoeless:
So many go without.

Maria, age 10: Gautemala
Mountainous and muddy terrain makes farming difficult, both physically and economically, and Maria has never owned a pair of new shoes. This leaves her exposed to infection, intestinal worms, and cold weather illness.
She was recently donated a pair of shoes along with her friends:
And if you're interested:

So join me. It will be fun don't you think?
cant go without shoes? go HERE.

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linds, this is roxanna. hey just wanted to thank you for becoming a follower on my blog, even though it was a while back. hey i have a question. just wondering if you would be interested in featuring each other on our blogs??? i changnend my blog address to www.everythingelseilove.blogspot.com

i would love to feature you on my blog. iam trying to get my blog rolling and gather some more followers!

btw-love your blog, and your talents! who would have know 15 yrs ago when we were working at the garden center we would have our own blogs and doing these crazy things! hope you are having a great day!


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