D.I. Devise {Dress to Skirt}

Whenever someone asks me where I shop, I bluntly straight up tell them I'm a D.I. thrift shopper! All my friends know I shop there, and they ask me over and over "how????"

Well, I dont know if you've noticed my new button in the side bar...
but I'm starting a new lil somthin called...
So that I can share 'how' exactly.

I'll be taking something like this...
(I have no makeup on, and BED-HEAD in this pic,
AND my husband took this picture growlin at me so I'm trying not to laugh)
And turning it into something like this...
I'll give a tutorial of coarse, and model before and after for you. But I'm also wondering if I'd like to make it into a REFASHION LINKY PARTY. Yours doesn't absolutely HAVE to be from the D.I. but mine sure will be! So...prepare yourself, just in case. I just haven't decided what day. I'm thinking like the first of every month. But we shall see. I'll ponder about it.

So this polyester royal jungle robe type thing that I got at the D.I. had a run in it,
like a nylon.
So I KNEW I had to at least cut that part off...
So I did...
Then all I did was add some waist elastic. Sew it in.
(that gold ribbon on the floor has nothing to do with my skirt)
And then place both feet into your new skirt and pull it up!
Let's take a closer look shall we:

Blouse: $2 D.I.
Belt: $1 D.I.
Necklace: $2.50 Accessories n' Things
Bracelet: $1 Eyes of the World
Shoes: $9.99 Ross Dress For Less
Skirt: $5 D.I. Refashioned
Leopard on the front of my skirt: $Priceless

Am I really wearing a 21 dollar 50 cent outfit? Yes, yes I am.
That's right ladies.
A total of $21.50 (shoes and accessories included)
What do ya think? That's MORE than a steal eh?

Had to link up to J.A.G's link up party!


smiley said...

Awesome!!! Fun idea, too! Let me get my hands on a sewing machine and I will join you! I live 4 blocks from the newest Goodwill (our d.i.)and I am itching to do something like this~!!! Used to do it for my barbie's clothes!

'T' said...

21.50 looks good on you. you've got the eye for these things. xx

Jill said...

~ Jill @ 'Just dream, Jelly Bean!'

The Booth Family said...

Love the idea. I'll give it a try!

Lucky Larson's said...

Please post more of these--I am fashion clueless so it is fun for me to see what I could have happen if I just had a little direction--I am also a thrift store shopper, but I never look as cute!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! That is awesome! I always envy the girls that can put together haute outfits. I'm just not that imaginative so unless I see it I don't really think to try it. I'm so going to be trying your awesome ideas out. I really, really, love the outfit by the way.

Reagan J said...

Linds... you are AMAZING!!! You seriously are the most creative person when it comes to fasion, and you do it so stinkin' well!


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