*exfoliate and gifts*

So this winter, (tho I've seen NO snow this season), has dried my lips up like prunes!
Even my fancy shmancy herbal chap stick from Sally's looks awful on my flaking lips.
I had-had enough!
Thankfully Shana and Elizabeth shared this easy DIY tip!

I used this two days in a row (because they needed it THAT bad) and my lips are quite fabulous. (But not only that...I had a hard time wiping it off because it tastes so darn good).

3 ingredients!
Just grab some brown sugar, organic honey, and organic olive oil.

I made enough that I put the unused leftovers in these travel size containers I had on hand.
(found at Walmart 2 for $1 - for like homemade lipgloss etc).

And of course we all know that presentation is EVERYTHING. SO I hot-glued on a flower and tied jute twine around them. (NO, the containers don't come that way)

Talk about EASY friend favors during the holidays that are adorable and original!
(and even edible, if they're the snacky kind! teehee)


Maybe send a little tag attached that says something cheesy like this:

Swirl it on your lips,
just a gentle rub.
And enjoy your homemade
organic lip scrub.

For some reason I have this THING with rhyming and poems and cheesy themes.
I cant stop myself. I'm more than sure it's a problem.
Ya......ya, it's a problem.


Nikki said...

That is a great idea! I've been looking for a DIY lip scrub, winter kills my lips.

JessieMomma said...

I literally {GASPED} when I read the photo recipe! OH GOODY!!!! I know EXACTLY what I'm doing for my sweet girly for her birthday this weekend.... I'm making a pot of this and sharing it with her and her girlfriends!

My daughter has braces and the constant pull and tug she has to do, when she is fiddling with her appliances, leaves her pretty little lips all dry and crack-y. I just know this will be a must have at our house! Thank you so much for sharing!

albina N muro said...

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kailovebeautifulthings said...

Hello! You said you used containers you had on hand... Are they plastic containers? Clear? They look like tin, but it could be the color of the scrub? Thanks!!

Unknown said...

is it okay to use wild honey instead of organic honey?


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