This is Halloween!

How to photograph your Jack O' Lanterns at night!
-no photoshop needed-
And useful carving tips as well...

*First things first, print a favorite design. 
*Pin it to your pumpkin with toothpicks.
*Gather the rest of your toothpicks and trace your design with toothpick punctures!
(you'll need a lot because after 5 pokes the tip goes dull)

-Get some handy pumpkin tools like this gadget below. 
If you've ever scooped out the guts of a pumpkin you know that even a metal spoon scoops out the seeds but still leaves LOTS of strings! This gadget scrapes and smooths the inside perfectly and then just dump out the guts!

-There's SO many great tips. 

To start photo snapping, 
you first need a tripod (or a steady flat surface).
Some photographers find it possible to take night shots without one,
I find it impossible. Unless you want an abstract blur :)
Just turn your camera to MANUAL. Turn your ISO all the way down, (I turned mine so low until it said 'bulb' on the menu).
I did NOT increase shutter speed at all. I want as much light seeping into the lens as possible.

I also have a remote control for my camera so I don't have to push the button and risk more shaking,
but that's not necessary because no matter what,
you'll get slight-blur with any night photos.

The effect is brilliant! 
Even the photo below looks like it's not THAT dark out side, when yet it's pitch black outside. There's a small porch light on in the distance, but when you take night-photos it magnifies the lights. That porch light was dim and in the picture it lights up the whole thing!

 But even if the only light is the light of your pumpkin,
it's a fabulous night-shot!


I'd love to see some carving you've done this season!

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