DIY Ombre Glitter Nails

A clear glitter (I used PURE ICE)
A medium glitter (I used Finger Paints: Hue Left a Message)
A confetti glitter (I used MILANI: Fuchsia- They also have an awesome GOLD one!)

Below are two products I love. 
EZ BOND that dries up your nails and preps them for polish so your manicure lasts longer.
And Salley Hansen Hard As Nails. It's thick and yellow-y but it works and it also is a GREAT base for glitter polishes because glitter is SUCH A PAIN to get off, but this makes it so you can just peel it off.
 Prepped nails:

Let dry and apply a TOP COAT.
I'm in love with essie's SUPER DUPER TOP COAT
It lasts, it stays shiny and it dries super fast!

I get the most compliments on this because everyone thinks it's acrylic! So easy!

1- File, Shape, and remove natural oil from nails (with polish remover and EZ BOND optional)
2- Apply 1 coat Salley Hansen Hard as Nails -Let Dry
3- Apply clear glitter on the top 1/3 of nail -Let Dry
4- Apply Medium glitter on bottom 2/3 of nail -Let Dry
5- Apply Medium glitter again in same spot and then slightly blend up into part of the clear glitter -Let Dry
6- Apply gobby french tip with confetti glitter
7- Spread/blend back unevenly leaving most of the confetti glitter at the tip -Let Dry
8- Apply top coat -Let Dry 

I'm headed out for spring break vacation 
for a week and LOTS of driving! 
See you after EASTER!

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