I never read before. I would never finish a book. I always started and quit. Nothing interested me. One day while working at the Pocatello Institute, my sister Katie brought me the book Twilight. I warned her that I dont like reading in the very least. All she said was, "You're just sitting here, and have nothing else to do." True true, I did get bored at my office job, it was a great job, I just have a hard time sitting for very long. So I started it, I was so negative and bored with the first of the book and didn't give it a chance and didn't want to finish it. The next day at work, I refused to read any more of it. Well, an hour later I was bored enough to pull it out of the drawer and read another chapter. This kept happening untill I got to the end of the book and FREAKED OUT and went and bought the second one just to read it. And then the third of course. And then I was caught at the midnight book party for the 4th book of the series. I'm a Twilight Nerd and very proud of it. But not only that, I owe the Twilight series a big pat on the back. I read all the time now. I read 5 books this last week. (Yes I spend time with my kids, I just read at night). Anyway, I thought is would be appropriate that the first GOOD READS that I post should be:
and the rest of the series! If you think that Vampire love sounded rediculous when someone tried to explain the plot to you...dont be alarmed, I was the same way! Anyway, hop on over to a book store (you might as well forget the library because you'll buy it anyways, so just save yourself the trip) and buy TWILIGHT!

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