Well...Kind of.
I thought I had alergies, but I ended up having a rough week with Pink Eye. I didn't want to go to the doctor and have to pay him up the yin yang, so I stayed home and got pink eye in BOTH eyes. Darn.
Grandma suggested something over the counter, but I didn't end up getting it, it was only for "inflamation". So my M.I.L. searched the net...we knew there had to be a home remady!
A mug of warm distilled water and a tsp of ACV, then put it in your eye! I'd use it for a couple days a few times a day to make sure it keeps the infection away. I used it last night twice, and woke up with clear un itchy, eyes that weren't glued shut! I've used it once this morning and I'll probably do it again 2 more times to make sure it stays away.
Come to find out, ACV has SO many benefits! FOR High Cholesterol, Cancer, and Blood level for diabetes. It even keeps the mesquitos away if you intake 2 TBS a day for you AND your pets! The best way to consume it is in the morning in a glass of water with 2 TBS of ACV and some honey.
Make sure you dont go the cheap route. Your ACV shouldn't be clear, it needs to have a brown tint to it and if you look really closely, it almost looks like there's a few spider webs floating around in it. Doesn't sound appetising does it? But if you go for the pretty and clear liquid, they've processed it too much and you AREN'T going to get the benefits!
I thought I'd post this, mainly incase I infected anyone this holiday weekend. Lots O' Luvz!
SIDE NOTE: So I decided to try the drink this morning, and I gagged! It DOES smells delicious, and even when it hits your tongue, the taste of apples and honey combine in a valuable flavor, but as soon as you swallow, the vinegar consumes your FACE! GAG! I heard they have ACV pills, I'm going to look into them and see if they have the same benefits and I'll get back with you!


Diane P said...

Lindz, I'm so glad it worked! I guess I'll have to start drinking some ever morning...with my family history it can't hurt.

Renee said...

Try using only 1 tbsp of ACV with the a cup of ice water and take little sips through out the day. The first time I tried it I didn't dilute it and I about vomited.

Linds said...

aww...I think I will


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