1: The easiest way to get pouty lips is to add a shine to the middle of your bottom lip and at the top of your "cupid's bow". I even go to the extent of getting a tissue and dabbing off a little color in those two places and THEN adding the shimmer or shine lip gloss. You want those two places to apear lighter, to acheive the plump!

2: When you're slathering SPF on the rest of your body, it can be easy to forget your lips. If your signature shade of lipstick isn't sun-friendly, always start with a base of SPF lip balm.In fact, the lips are a very common site for skin cancer because they don't naturally secrete vitamin E-rich sebum - the oil that helps protect your skin. Pick up a bottle of vitamin E oil or lip balm with vitamin E. Not only will it help protect your pout against skin cancer, it will also prevent the signs of aging.If your lips feel flaky, it's perfectly fine to exfoliate them, although there's no need to exfoliate on a regular basis. Use a fine scrub (nothing too abrasive), and be sure to follow it with a hydrating product. In addition to vitamin E, I love glycerin-based balms, which will help lips hold on to water.
Keep your lips moist! I rarely wear lip stick. But I usually always have a tinted gloss and a clear gloss in my purse to acheive the pout.
Happy Pouting!


'T' said...

get out! I love pout to the lip. I will be doing this trick tomorrow! I'm in for the night or I would do it today :)

Traci @ The Bakery said...

I have THE most screwed up lips...I've had stitches 4 times in my life and THREE, yes, THREE of them were on my mouth...and YES, I can still talk!!! My lip lines are all crooked and when I put on lipstick....MAGNIFIED!! I so wish I could wear the stuff and not look like I just crawled out of some boys backseat....lol.


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