I {heart} TRASH

I think this
Macintosh Apples sign/Chalkboard
was worth $0.50 dont you?
I know the web is in some sort of a chalkboard frenzy, but I'm actually {not} a big chalkboard fan. Dont get me wrong, I think everyone's projects have been beautiful, but I hate the FEELING of a peice of chalk and a chalkboard. KUH KUH! And dont get me started on the eraser. (shivers silently).
So HERE WE GO! Lets start out with some SPRAY PAINT. Umm...black...again.
I wasn't too worried about the centers because I'll be covering them up here soon.
So why do I have this picture of a can of FORMULA?
Because HOW COOL would it LOOK to have those "Peel off metal tops" glued to the centers?
(Not very cool, I know).
It's just SO fun to recylce TRASH (literally). Kind of like when I used an old red binder to design THIS...
Do you think I'm crazy? Good.
Well I covered up those very uncool can lids with some very PERTY paper and spray adhesive.
I {heart} paper.
Doesn't it look FAB?!!!

Dont stop there!
B*CUZ It's a

No, those aren't pins...those are just the neatest magnets in the whole wide world! (and very strong)


Becca said...

awww!!! Now 'ait that clever!!!!

Lacy said...

it does look fab!

Cupkateer said...

Great idea with the formula cans. It turned out fabulous

'T' said...

Ok this is in the voice that the judge uses in Napoleon D. when he identifies the milk in the onion patch... "Very Nice". Get out to the tenth power. Do you get to come this weekend?

'T' said...


Didn't know if you knew you were featured on modpogerocks today!

Shelby said...

Lins. You really have a talent girlfriend. You need to start selling things and hello I need hire you to come and decorate our new house. Love you. Tell me you are coming on Saturday!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

that is awesome! I wouldve never thought of that!

Kristi said...

I didn't know where you were going with the can lids, but Way Cool!! I want to know where you get those magnets! I think they are awesome. What a great project and very cute!!

Linds said...

Fridge Pins

Melany @ Project Anthologies said...

Ha! That's awesome! Love it.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

too too cute!


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