Peach Cobbler

Fall... Oh how I love it!
Crisp air, jackets and sweaters, pumpkins on the porch...

AND ---> COBBLER <--- !

Fall is the greatest time for the taste buds to bathe in cobber.
Thanks to my M.I.L. (Lindsay's mom) we bottled

these beauties.

A thanks going out to her for a great time while bottling.
{...for the laughs, conversation, and your great listening ear, good times}

Here is my favorite cobbler recipe, below.
I've been making it all 11 years of my marriage, and love it.

If you don't have a quart jar of peaches,
a couple cans of peaches from the store work excellent too.

*click, or feel free to print*

and DON'T forget a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream
(Blue Bunny is my forte)

xxoo T


Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

I wish I could have made it to all the canning fun! Tiniel, I am definitely going to try this recipe, I am a sucker for cobbler. MMMMMM I can just smell it right now.

Nicole A. said...

I loveeeeeee cobbler!! Yummmo! This looks Great!!

Jeremy.Celeste said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. My family loved the cobbler! It was great and we shared it with neighbors. Thanks again!!

Linds said...

My last cobbler didn't turn out...I should DEF try a trusty recipe! Thanks T...Mmmm.
Did you get to watch the video? I sent you the link. heehee


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