You dont have to go get a pedicure or manicure to get cute nail art! All you need is
Polish/Acrylic Craft Paint/and a Toothpick (or two)!
The video below shows how to make the 2 different flower pedals we're going to use for our easy nail art!
So let's call the first example the LONG PEDALS and the second example the SHORT PEDALS! EASY RIGHT?
Here's a cute example of a "half-flower" in the corner of a nail using the LONG PEDALS!

Now, I used to buy the mini diamonds in the nail section at WalMart, and use them as the CENTERS of my FLOWERS. But now I just use glitter craft paint, it's cheaper and looks the same!
Here's a side flower added...

It's your choice to have the pedals touch or not.
If you want your nails to look more professionally done, add some dots!

These Half-Flowers are my favorites! I do them on my toenails 90% of the time!

K...here's the SHORT PEDALS below... Easy, and cant mess them up. Mine dont look perfect either? And this is a CLOSE UP! So on a finger or toenail, they look MMMAZING!

And here's some added detail if wanted...
Here's another SHORT PEDAL flower...
And a simple detail to add to any flower is...
another gemstone (or glittler dot) and two pedals.
The two-pedals can be either LONG or SHORT, your choice!
Added Detail Dots!

Maybe for your first time, try a Two-Pedal on your toenail.
It's simple and beautiful!...
Another simple and easy nail art...
Dont forget to add a SHINY TOP COAT after all the paint has dried! It's SO EASY, and Beautiful!
When I was in labor with my second, my doctor noticed my toenails and said
"Oh, I bet it was nice and relaxing getting a pedicure."
and I was thinking...
"Yeah, bending over my excessively large stomach, cutting off all the circulation to my apendages was my ideal relaxation."
But hey! they were cute! Right?


Lissa said...

I LOVED this when they taught it to me in beauty school. So handy and it makes me look much more talented than I actually am:)

gail said...

great tutorial. i'm going to have to try this on my nails. i'm a new reader and enjoy your blog alot!

The Booth Family said...

I did it! Love it and everyone thinks I got 'em done. I'm like the pros now :) THanks!
PS I love reading your blog thanks for all the great tips!

Loving Leelah Lou said...

Can I just tell you, a few days before I had my daughter I was looking at my neglected toe nails and thought I have got to do my nails, I am not going to the hospital with funky looking toes. I almost wasn't sure what looked worse the barely there polish before I started or the everywhere polish after I was finished. They weren't close to looking professionally done. I'm so glad you shared that.


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