TONZ of PUMPKIN {decorating}

I LOVE this trick or treat "take one" pumpkin. It looks like they used an orange paper plate to hold the candy! So cute!

The rest I think are just

I LOVE THE BLACK/WHITE style, so I tried a couple.

We're not decorating pumpkins till TOMORROW as a family, but I thought I'd decorate a few little ones while the kids are sleeping and see what I thought.

Yes...it was fun...just like I thought.
The Wicked Witch was done with permanent marker.
As well as the Insy Winsy Spider below...

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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Hi Linds!

Thanks so much for featuring my black and white pumpkins! They were very easy to do. Your pumpkins turned out! I love the black pumpkin with the white dots!


Terry said...

Each picture is cuter than the next! It's getting closer to Halloween and fun to see what everyone comes up with - thanks for sharing all these ideas!

Lee said...

LOVE those!! I really like the one with the sequins on it, and your look great!!

Heidi said...

SO ADORABLE! I just want to go buy pumpkins now! Yours turned out great!

Oh, I just love this season :)

Desiree Wong said...

I love the fireplace filled with pumpkins! Thanks for sharing, love your blog!

Lacy said...

Thos are some BOO-tiful pumpkins. hehehe. I especially like the whiches feet.

Ana said...

Hi Linds,
The pumpkin has come a long way from just carving it. There are so many great ideas. Your pumpkins turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing all the neat ideas. Have a great day.


Becca said...

I love that with pumpkins the sky's the limit!

mommabear said...

I'm so lovin' the black and whites too! I've awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award...visit my blog to see the rules, www.smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com

Brittany said...

I need more pumpkins with all of these great ideas!


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