Happy December EVERYONE! (How did that happen?) Anyway...on with Christmas decor! Tis the Season...
I used 3 different sizes of wooden stars, 3Small, 8Medium and 3Large. And I also fancy a star that isn't shaped perfect like the one shown below!
Paint them Forest Green and then do what you want with them. Distress them, or do what I did and splatter it with a toothbrush and white paint!
A block and a 1" thick stick are used for the trunk of the tree. The sticks are 3 different sizes.
12" 11" and 10" high.
The Stick is just hot glued standing up on the blase to create the trunk. Paint it all Dark brown.
Hot glue a small star on the top of each and then glue a Large one on the bottom of each. And then for the two taller ones, glue 3 Medium stars in between. For the smallest tree you'll only glue 2 Mediums inbetween like so...
Do you have one of those Christmas decorations that you CANT WAIT to get out during the Holidays?!
This is one of them for me.
The girls in my family do a Christmas Craft every Thanksgiving, and this one is one of my FAV's!
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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

tHOSE ARE cute! I love your originality on these!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

What a cute project! I love the color and glitter.


Anonymous said...

So fun and cute!

pk @ Room Remix


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