BTT: The Proper Way to SHAVE!

No more razor rash or ingrown hairs!

Is there REALLY a proper way to shave?
Let me get you started!
These tips are for ANY part of your body (Men included). We want to avoid ingrown hairs and razor rash, and to achieve this, you'll need to follow these tips!

♥Avoid shaving when you first get up after sleeping. Body fluids make the skin more puffy. After 20 to 30 minutes the skin becomes more taut and the hair shaft more exposed.
Allow the pores to open up. Soften the skin and open the pores by shaving during a hot shower.

♥Purchase a new shaver. Avoid shaving with an old blade. Change the blade of your shaver on a regular basis to prevent ingrown hair. If you use disposable razors, make sure you only use them a couple of times before getting a new one.

♥Dry off the area after you have exited the shower. Slather on a moisturizing lotion on all areas that you have shaved, including the underarm area.

♥Olive oil contains Vitamin E and is a natural antioxidant so it's great for your skin. The best choice for a shaving cream, is extra virgin olive oil. You should avoid pure and light olive oil as they have been chemically processed. And if you use this, you wont need to moisturize afterwords. Using Oil not only benefits your skin and your shaving, but it saves your razors life. Creams and conditioners not only clog your pores, but reuin and clog your razor FAST! (I'm guilty, dont go thinking at perfect at any of this) This will help keep your razor sharp and not have to buy them so often or ruin your skin with a dull one.

So lets recap:Let your pores open and your skin soften with hot water (dont go scalding yourself or anything). Using OIL not only benefits your skin, but also your razor. Rinse with cold water to close your pores and to give yourself a natural glow. Dry off with clean towel, your skin will stay moisturized by the oil.

You'll go from THIS...

To THIS...And husbands appreciating EVERYWHERE!

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Renanda said...

EWWW - that hairy leg picture!!!

Great idea with Olive oil. I might have to try it. I have been using Nioxin Scalp Therapy. It keeps my skin conditioned but I bet the oil would do an amazing job too.

A. Simpson said...

Agreed, that hairy leg pic creeps me out.

Linds said...

Gags? I know!

Alison Hixson said...

Linds, how did you get a picture of my hairy legs?!! ;) Thanks for the tips!!

Emmalie (or fondly Emma) said...

Absolutly DISCUSTING....I don't think mine have ever been like that, and I don't shave that often. I am definetly trying the olive oil for shaving just to be silky smooth.

1 Funky Woman said...

Hey its winter in Iowa, gotta stay warm, lol! No, I'm not that hairy, thats a little gross. Thanks for the shaving tips. I love what you come up with!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That picture of the hairy legs is killing me! Haha.

Stop by my blog to enter to win a pair of sassy boots!

'T' said...

LOL! I'm so glad you didn't pose for the shaving pictures... love you ootles.

Melissa said...

The hairy leg pic is seriously disturbing, I love it! lol

Tiffany Meagan said...

I have to say I read your tips and headed straight to the shower to shave! I jut recently moved to Houston, tx.. The WORST water here ever!! It dries out my skin like non other...

So I am SO happy to report that the olive oil worked for me! Expecially under the arms ;)

Another note: My three year old hopped into the shower with me and and when he saw the oil he asked me very confused like if we were making cookies in the shower!!

Thanks for the tip
♥ Tiffany


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