Craft Concoction Friday! {ORGANIZED}

(I'm outa state and dont have my harddrive with me, with all of my buttons including Friday's Craft Concotions...but you get the idea.)
A lil' sumthin-sumthin that ANYONE can do...crafty or not!
This was in a BHG magazine all on ORGANIZING! And my sister-in-law showed me this picture of this MARVelous hardware handle dressed up with a scarf. I wish they would've knotted a WHOLE BUNCH of scarves on it and taken a picture as well!
Until you get your hands on any hardware (or until you're not renting a home to put screws in the wall) You can always substitute for a hanger...we all have one of those right?

And you can slip a tie hanger right next to your scarves...all glammed up with beads and jewelry!
These sort of things bring me happiness...
Now it's your turn! I'm so ecstatic about the turn-out last week! I just love you guys WAY too much!
Share your Craft Concoctions! (I've decided that I'm going to do features on my top picks every month that you guys share!!) ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and now am a loyal follower. Have to admit I have a hanger just like that in my closet! I also linked up my latest project. Come check it out mommaskindacrafty.blogspot.com

Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

I never thought about knotting my scarves on a hanger like that! Mine are all over the closet!
Thanks for the idea, and for hosting!

Unknown said...

giveaway over at dejavucrafts.blogspot.com

'T' said...

I ♥ scarves!
EYE ♥ U --


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