My Dieting/Lifestyle...

I hate diets...having a healthy life should be a lifestyle, no dieting needed. There's way too many diets to chose from anyways. All you need is dedication to yourself. Well here's Me: (not above...read below;)
Right now I'm overweight. My husband and I are lazy cusses eating a bowl of ice cream, watching a season of Friends, staying up late, being fatigued at work and being a tired parent.

Well we're through! (I sound so dedicated don't I:)

This is my diet lifestyle: in 4 easy steps!

1: Drinking my water! I found a cheap 64oz water bottle at walmart that I fill up every night and make sure I drink it all in a day! It's THAT easy! (If I get the munchies, I ask myself...am I really hungry, or is my mouth just bored...drink water if your mouth is bored!)
2: Workout Routine: My second baby is now almost 21 months old and I weigh more NOW than I did AFTER I had her...hmm...not cool. I used this workout DVD below to lose my baby weight after my first pregnancy. It's AMAZING and it's for EVERYONE!

First of all it's the 30 Day Shred with 3, 20 minute workouts! Did you hear that time consumed chicas? 20 MINUTES! How can you possibly lose weight in 20 minutes? Well this workout routine is continuous intervals of cardio/strength and abbs. Translated: It's a cardio workout that keeps your heart rate up, with toning included. You do 3 minutes Cardio then instantly go to 2 minute strength training, and then 1 minute abbs. Repeat 3 times. You work all the major muscles at the same time. And this video gets better. There's THREE LEVELS! Once you've completed Level One and realize you didn't DIE, move onto Level 2 and then Level 3. They all kick trash, but I figure, I can kick trash for 20 minutes right? Have you heard of p90x? who hasn't? Well the same fella that created p90x created a same routine idea as the 30 Day Shred except his is in 10 minutes. After watching the video, I realized that, like the p90x, it's for advanced people already, with very intense moves. But I'll definitely be looking into this for the near future.

3: Eating my colors! You gotta eat it! You just gotta! Buy fresh produce if you want anything remotely close to a healthy lifestyle. My personal trick is, after buying it, I go home and chop everything up and put it into zip locks and tupperwear so that it's all ready to go! I wont eat it if it's not already ready to go! So take the time to chop! Then you can just toss it in a salad, or in an omlet etc...

3: Team Work! Success rates of losing weight is 90% because they had a partner. You want to find someone who will help you be motivated and be able to workout together and not temp each other with fatty sugary foods! If it's a spouce even better! A BFF, great! But find someone dedicated, and at your level of fitness! My husband and I do toning workouts together everynight. Here's one of them:

If one person gives, you both fall...it's GREAT!

We also face each other in the Plank position (below) and give each other continous high fives with the opposite hands...
Then we do our abbs side by side! 4: Cheating! So many people give up on dieting...I mean...a healthy lifestyle, because they find themselves giving into temptation! Well I found a VERY PERFECT solution!

Chocolate/Pumpkin Chippy Muffins!
These are
1:The most moist delicious things you'll ever eat
2: Fat Free
3: A Weight Watchers Recipe
4: I have to close my eyes on every bite! It's like a first kiss every time...Mmm

Directions: Mix together a Devil's Food Cake Mix, I small can Pumpkin, 2/3 c. Water, and a half bag of Mini-Semi-Sweet Choc Chips.
Makes 24 cupcakes, fill 2/3 full and follow the directions on your box for Cupcakes.
The wait is almost unbearable...
The result... eewy gooey
With a Dollop of Whip Cream...
After I make a double batch, I place 2 muffins in 1 snack size zip lock and freeze them. (This is how I dont eat them all in one day). Then i get out one bag a day so that my husband and I each get one. I actually cut mine in half and eat a half after lunch and the other half after dinner. There, I cheated and it feels OH SO GOOD!
I vow to you, that when my husband and I lose our weight, we're going to post before/after pictures...till then...wish us luck!
Are these tips useful?
What are your healthy tricks?!
(Or weaknesses?)


The Other Oyler's said...

LOVE IT! I need to drink more water for sure! I think that alone would help the most. I actually lost weight when I stopped working out but I gained inches. Yuck. I want the muscle/tone back!

Carly said...

Go you guys! I swear you were just describing me and my hubby. I too have not gotten back into shape after my second babe (who is now 1) and I keep telling myself next week is the week I'm going to get in gear. Thanks for the motivation and the tip for 30 day shred. Hopefully we'll both be debuting some hot beach bodies soon. :)

Kristi said...

Your story is the exact same as mine. Only I waited till my second was almost 3 to realize I was way overweight!!
I did a boot camp with an awesome instructor. One thing I came away with was that you need 1 gallon of water a day. You are well on your way with the 64 oz!!
Also, try making a food log of what you eat. I know counting calories is no fun, but it really does work. Here is a free site that is working for me and my sisters all trying to lose the baby weight. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/
Good luck!!

Linds said...

Awesome Kristi! A word Journal has helped me multiple times, especially if my husband and I share ours and se what each other is eating!

Jackie the Junk Junkie said...

I've lost 52 pounds over the course of a year and those were the ideas I used. Drink your 64oz of water, eat right, exercise and my favorite part; get plenty of rest!

Staci at Craftify It ! said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm on my way to losing weight(hopefully!) Me and my husband just started a "friendly" competition 2 weeks ago & I hope it works. I have a 19 month old & weigh more now than after I had him?!?!? So I know how you feel! Good luck. can't wait to see before/afters!

Brittney said...

I've found Weight training has done absolute wonders for me!! Its amazing how it changes your body, (of course eating well has alot to do with it too!!) Good Luck!!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

Very good tips! I think it's important to think of it as a lifestyle change and not just a diet for it to be successful! Have a great day girl! ~Andrea

Lacy said...

Very cute blog! Something that has always helped me reach my goals is telling any and everyone what I intend to do. This makes it very hard to back out or quit midstream. Since you've shared your goal, people will check in with you to see how you're doing and encourage you through it! Good luck! (Your pictures of you always look great though!)

Quilter family said...

Here's another tip! I recently found out that something in dairy products(lactose, casein, something I'm not sure of) makes me sick and 2 months ago, when I found out, I decided to completely cut dairy out of my diet. Yeah, that means no cheese, no milk, no sour cream, no cream cheese, etc. I even have to scour the ingredients list of everything I buy just to make sure it doesn't have anything diary in it so I don't make myself sick. I'm not saying it was or is easy, but in just 2 months I've lost almost 20lbs just from that alone. If you don't have any issues with dairy, I'd suggest just cutting back to half as much as you would normally consume and see how much of a difference it makes. I feel awesome and I'm so glad not to have to deal with the constant stomach ache and acid reflux nasties I've been dealing with since High School. Good luck!

Jessica said...

My husband and I find out the only time we ever lose any weight is when we drink "too much" water - I say too much because everyone always says "i can't drink that much water! It's too much!" when they see how much water in a day i drink (4 or 5 20 oz bottles a day. - PS. When I say "bottled water" I mean that we buy a 24 pack of walmart bottled water, once those have been drunk - we wash and refill all the bottles for about 4 months).

The second point I wanted to to harp on is the "cheating". It's perfect! As long as you have learned to control how much you eat. I don't know about others - but if i eat something sweet (or sweeter than normal) before lunch, then I feel like I'm chasing that sweet craving all day... and it makes it harder to stay good all day... So in my personal opinion - if you do cheat - you may try to push it as late in your day as possible - without eating after 7pm. hehe!

I know, long comment! Sorry! I just really like your post!!

Chelsea said...

I'm on this "plan" too. Eat my colors (and enjoying it!!!!!) doing Jillian (Isn't those 20minutes the most kick butt?!?!) and drinking water (never enough). We also do less Carbs & sugars. (indulging every now and again)
It's working.

Nothing better than when it starts to show you results.

Go get 'em girl!

Tricia Lee Riggio said...

I do the 10 minute trainer dvds. I loooooooove them. They really do work and I totally feel like I am at volleyball practice (8 yrs ago now). Your blog is cute. I just featured you as my favorite thing right now with your cute vintage frames. I loove them. Also I love that you but a "I belong" button with the link to the lds web page. I might have to do that! Isn't it so great to find out that most of these cute blogs out there share the same beliefs as you do. babynightnightbotique.blogspot.com

Wes and Dani said...

Hey Linds, sorry to bug you in a comment like this, but I couldn't find your email. :(

Anyway, I was wondering if you would mind posting a little about this on your blog: http://craftrookie.blogspot.com/2010/07/buying-cardssponsoring-craft-rookie-for.html.

We have some friends named Stewart and Ciera (who I met through Craft Rookie, BTW) and they are in desperate need of some fundraising so Stewart can go to Minnesota and see a specialist about his heart. You can read their full story here: http://www.sendstewarttomayoclinic.blogspot.com/

I am selling cards and spots for sponsors on my blog in hopes of raising a little bit of money for them, and it'd really help if we could get the word spread and help out a fellow craft blogger. :)

Thanks so much! Have a great one!

sunflowergirl said...

Do the chocolate/pumpkin cupcake/muffin things taste like pumpkin? Or does that just make them moister?


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