Summer Hairstyles!

I'm slightly digging all the pixie cuts right now! There's SO many different versions to work with different face shapes! I think I'll be keeping my pixie cut through the summer! It's MUCH MUCH too fun!

But for everyone else who's not for chopping off all their locks...I want to show you my favorite summer styles for 2010!

Doesn't this first one look like a blonde Kristen Stewart? Braids can be done in a million different ways!
Just in the fringeTo the side Hair left out
It all up
OR you can buy jessica simpson's Braid Band Accessory made of synthetic hair. I tried one of these on this past weekend and feel in LOVE! How easy! They come in different colors online.
Here's an example on short hair
I'm not very good at braids, but I can get a small frech braid in my bangs and I love it! (And it makes me miss my mom putting braids in my hair for athletic events)I REALLY love Amanda's braids in Letter's To Juliet. So simply so classy!
Well go play in the mirror and grab some bobby pins!
And dont forget to enter the giveaway on the next post!

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michelleml said...

I like the pixie cut but not sure it's for me. I have long wavy thick hair



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