Summer Trends 2010'

Are you enjoying it yet? Saturday I spent the majority of my day at the Boise Farmer's Market...In a sundress...a large sun hat... sampling homemade delacacies...marveling at handmade items...trying to make mimes smile...and listening to corner music. I wish Idaho summers lasted a little longer than two months...so I could schedule in a few more warm weekends.
I have a quick list of summer 2010' trends to keep you busy and fashionable! There's so many possibilities in the summer and not enough blog space...but here's

Let's start with... Makeup should never be heavy, but in the summer the colors need to show light and reflect the sun. One of the best things I love to whip out during the summer is an Eye Highlighter Pencil. They come in TONS of colors to match skin tones and outfits. Please put your lipstick away (unless it's a nuetral or light pink). There's too many wonderful glosses to go around during the summer. Lipsticks are for the fall and winter ladies :) Shimmer and bronzes come in powders creams and lotions so use them to your best ability!

Speaking of keeping it light. There is NO need to be wearing makeup when you go to the beach, pool or sunbathing. They DO make waterproof mascara, but everything else needs to be light or nothing. No need for a melting face eh?

Less is not always more. Just because it’s hot out does not give you the excuse to wear less clothing. Nothing about booty shorts or super mini-skirts is attractive. Keep it beautiful and classy!

Need I say more? I am seriously IN LOVE with these! They're light and airy and SO many different styles for all types! You cant go wrong with a peasant top!

Shoes are so important for any outfit, anytime! You CAN wear heels, but dont get caught wearing them to the beach or pool. Cowboy boots are perfect for all those sundresses, and sandals and flip flops are always at the top of the list for summer fashions, especially with all of the gem stone enhancing! Mmm!
It's 80's pegged gone boyfriend style! Uber cute, and great for where ever you go! I LOVE the boyfriend Pant look!! I wore pegged jeans for my most recent family picture...now I'm diggin these of coarse!

Can you get classier than a sun hat? Most people don’t wear enough sunscreen—so slather up!—but you can at least protect your face from wrinkles and sun damage by wearing a cool hat. These have been worn for decades and decades. You cant get more classy or beautiful.

Everyone's FAVORITE subject. But lets be honest...you need to know what's right for your body type. Whether it's waist size or bust size, it's a need-to-know. Here's a great website that has guide-you tips on what to wear and what not to wear.Don't get caught with too much bling when you're sunbathing. The beach and pool isn't a place to make tacky sun lines. Just like your makeup...keep it light. Don’t wear all white. OK, just because we passed Memorial Day weekend and we can technically wear white again, that doesn’t mean wear all white. Instead, mix things up with some metallic accents or colorful accesories. Like these chic turquoise earings. I would NOT shoot for white jeans with a white top, unless you break it up a bit.

What are YOU diggin' this summer?
Enjoy your summer everyone!
Giveaway coming in a few!
P.S. I dont hate comments :)


gail said...

didn't know you lived in boise! we just moved away from boise after hubby graduated this may. went to the market last year and loved it!

Nichole Gaertner said...

I absolutely adore your blog! I too love putting on makeup and learning new things so your "summer do's" was a lot of fun for me to read. I'm in dire need of a new bathing suit- losing mucho wait- so thank you for the tips on body types! :)


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