If you're good at knitting, you might rock this hair hook and formers! This is something you might be interested in for your hair or your daughters. Remember my post on how to make Hollywood Waves? Well these would be another fun How-2! They're called Curlformers. They make really fun curls! And the bestest part is that they have different sizes. I'm not in love with ringlets, so I'd get the Extra-Wide ones that make it more wavy. I really think you'll LOVE these! Here's a Curlformer How-To-Video and then the 2nd video is long, but I had to post it because it's of the Extra Wide, and I love the results! And her hair is only shoulder length. HERE's a website that helps with questions and directions as well. You can buy them at your local Sally's or on their website!

In this next video, she actually just sleeps in hers and it totally brings me back to the sponge curler days in elementary school. (good times...thanks mom!)

WOULD YOU USE THESE? I cant wait to order mine!
I think I'll get 16 curlformers of the extra wide!


Amy said...

THESE ARE COOL!!! I have straight hair...I would love to have some curl to it, but my hair just doesn't hold curl at ALL. I think I might stop by my Sally's and see if they have these yet and if they work on my hair!! Thanks for sharing this cool new product!

Sweetaimee81 said...

Great post. I am all over it. I have seen those at sallys but had no clue. My 6 year old is all about curlers but soo much work I am totally going to get some :) thanks

gail said...

how fun! thanks for alerting us to these. they look so much easier than regular curlers. i watched both videos and in the first one, he didn't shake out or finger comb thru her hair. i'm assuming if they had done that the curls would have loosened up like the gal in the 2nd video??? if you have long hair that has trouble holding onto a curl, what product would you put in your hair first? i don't think straight water will be enough? and would you go with a smaller size?


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