Home Fashions {{WHITE}}

How many times do I complain that I'm not allowed to paint my white walls in our townhome?
Well it hit me the other day...White is immensely over looked and underestimated.
There's SO many different ways to decorate with white in ANY home fashion!

*Distressed/or Beach*Country*Victorian*Modern*Completely and Utterly Relaxing

I think we all get SO caught up in the color wheel that we forget about our basic white!

I'm LOVING white kitchens right now! So, I'm going to look on the brightest side and thoroughly enjoy my whiter than white walls. It's about time White was embraced with some decor lovin!!!

Well I'm headed off to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore! Have you been there? I'll be posting about my trip soon!


'T' said...

gorgeous. you left your sham. cond. and razor at my abode. don't worry, i won't use them :) ;) ") i get so discouraged about my white walls all the time. thanks for the reminder. xx t p.s. love my hair cut, it was so quick this morn, i did it curly and straightened my bangs.

Anonymous said...

I really wish my white walls would look half as cute as those! I'll just dream big!

Funny story - my hub and I went looking for a new place before he deploys early next year, we went to see a rental and I walked in and said no cause the walls were white and they refuse to let us paint -- Maybe I shouldn't be so stern .. but white walls need a little spice sometimes! :)

Loving Leelah Lou said...

I hadn't anticipated on being in my apartment for too long so I didn't paint at all. Now two years later they are still white but covered in a collage of pictures which make it that much more "homey". I get to see people, places and things I like everyday. Thanks for sharing the photos, I never realized how many different looks you can accomplish with plain white walls.


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