EnD oF sUmMeR pHoToShOoT

I had the opportunity to take a fun photoshoot this past week. I thought I'd share some:)
So here's a quick glimpse through my camera lense:
(CLICK to enlarge)

This one's my fav...better if you click to enlarge;) Nothing's better than having such a beautiful subject to work with! Besides the fact that she's the nicest person I know!
(Next to my husband who wouldn't hurt a fly's housepet).
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Sweetaimee81 said...

beautiful pics and beautiful subject. Looks like you guys had lots of fun :)

Sweetaimee81 said...
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'T' said...

to lindsay's friend leticia: wow, you are beautiful!

to lindsay: your posing and eye for photography is so wonderful!

to belito: hello neighbor boy!

♥ t

Witless Exposition said...

Leticia, I'm so jealous of your hair! In my head that's what it'll always look like when I set the curling iron down.

Lindsay, beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, and beautiful model....

DeLiGhT said...

love the pics you took. you certainly did a great job!


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