Silhouette {giveaway} Winner!

I got my freebie's in the mail and was like..."Seriously? This is FANTASTIC!" I recieved two iron on sheets (colors yellow and white), A magnetic sheet, which I'll be reviewing soon, and a 'make your own' tattoo sheet (When I first saw the tattoo paper, my first thought was my mother. She trained us well to stay well away from tattoos. Remember those zibbra stripe bubble gum? And the wrappers had tattoos on them? ya...My mother wouldn't let us TOUCH the stuff. I'm grateful for it though). I'm pretty sure thought that I used the bubble gum wrapper once at a friends house to put a tattoo on without my mom knowing and i thought I was being much too rebellious. I washed it off as fast as i could!
See this here shirt?...

I chopped it up...
I thought...My husband never wears it...and what a fun color! so here we go...

I sewed around the edges and left one short side open...I layed out the fabulous yellow tranfer sheet.
I drew a design and cut it out and placed it wear i wanted it...it's really shiny but that wont last...
I layed the wax paper down and ironed the transfer paper for about a minute (I know right? SO easy! I didn't even read the directions!....hahaha how funny thought if I'm teaching you to do it wrong:)

ThenI peeled off the clear shiny top layer and was left with a seriously fabulous fabric design.

Stuffed it and stitched it shut! G-ORGEOUS!
I have to tell you, I've used WalMarts iron on transfer sheets multiple times and I hate to be a party pooper but it all sucked (and i hate that word...another mom training in me). But it did suck. This was like a breath of fresh air compared to the stuff. i was a very very satisfied camper.
So do you want to know who wins the bundle?

so email me A-SAP with your address!

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Gabby said...

I sent you an e mail :)


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