Christmas Craft Decoration Inspiration!

Christmas Craft Decoration Inspiration Must Haves!
(Because I couldn't think of a shorter name for it and because I wanted to catch your attention. Has it been caught? Good.)
I started out with my favorite! I usually end in my fav, but I couldn't hold myself back! These Pinecone Christmas Trees are to DIE TWICE for! All you need is a simple stand to hold them (like a candle holder, empty tea light, or a dipping cup) and a cardboard star with some glitter! ~ For more pinecone decor go HERE.

This ornament is another find that tickled my fancy. A very simple tutorial, which you could probably figure out just lookin at the pictures, but the fabric is brilliant! Polka dots would be adorable too! Go here to see the website.

A fun simple Bell Snowflake. How cute for a door hanging!

This Pistachio Topiary Ball!

Here's some tree skirts to make your mind wheels move a little. They are not linked though sorry. Just some pics I saved awhile ago.

This skirt below, you can find the tutorial at Ucreate.
Hurry there to make your own, she extended the
'Create With Me' Party through December as well!!!

And another fav!...These darn cute stockings are made of FELT!
What are your to DIE for Christmas Craft Decorations? Hope your December is full of Inspiration!
P.S. For some Cuegly Crafts go to following post!


Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

love the pine cone trees! Did you see the pine cone wreath Disney did at ruffles and stuff? Gorgeous! http://www.rufflesandstuff.com/2010/11/pine-cone-rosette-wreath.html

Sweetaimee81 said...

love it linds we are so making some of those :)

'T' said...

the stockings! ahhhh


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