Using a Flat Iron to Curl and Crimp

I'm sitting here posting these beautiful hair tutorials and about to shed a few tears. Why? Because my 2 year old daughter just cut her own hair this morning. I knew it was bound to happen with me being a cosmetologist and her witnessing all the fun. But I literally just mentioned to my mom YESTERDAY that I loved that my daughter's hair was finally all thick and coming in so great! Ya...I should have knocked on some solid wood because we're experiencing bald spots again at age 2.

Well, anyways, this is for those of you who lose battles trying to handle a curling iron or a crimping iron. (We're doing it all with a straightener/flat iron today!)
And you can do both with short hair as well. You can do it if you have a cute bob haircut, I've even seen this done with as short as chin length hair, so go to town and have fun!

Video #1: Curling with a flat iron
Video #2 Waving with a flat iron
Video #3 Crimping with a flat iron

It's depressing thinking about all the hot irons I have, like my crimper, my 3 barrell waver, my curling iron, and you can do it all with a flat iron! Brilliant! So check these out and enjoy your holidays with fabulous hair!


This makes me want to grow my hair out again! (But I shall refrain.........for now).

Enjoy your day and may all your spare scissors be placed in higher places than mine.

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