Everything U need to know about the {SMOKY EYE}

Now don't just browse through these pictures thinking your eye should look as follows, because half of these pics are on our "NO-NO" list. I dont want you guys to 'look and do' and then come back to me saying that everyone called you a raccoon. I'm just sayin.
I have here, everything you need to know about the Smoky Eye. So lets get started...

Here is your smoke color pallet:

Smokey Shadow: Everyone can wear the charcoal color
Blue Shadow: If you have Brown or Gray eyes, Dark skin, (but even blonde/blue eyes can wear it in spring/summer time).
Brown Shadow: Everyone
Green Shadow: Brown or dark eyes are best, but everyone can do a lil green.
Gold Shadow: Everyone and everyone should...I love gold
Purple Shadow: Green, Hazel or Brown eyes can pull this off. (Although my cosmo in-room teacher swore that purple is for blue eyes...but I think I disagree)

FIRST, you need a primer! (I use my makeup primer, but I'm assuming it might be different than an eye primer).
SECOND, when you're working with bold shadow shades, apply eye makeup first. Bright/Bold color against a fully finished face can look overwhelming, You might find that after you do your eyes, you don't need anything more than tinted moisturizer on the rest of the face and a nude lip balm.


Please dont think that a smokey eye means black eye, if you dont blend you might look like her below.
She mainly has too much under eye makeup.

Please dont go all the way up to your brow...ever.

*Please stay away from bold lips while sporting a bold eye.

*Yes, your face is a canvas, but that doesn't mean paint it all.
Here we got carried away with color and shimmer entirely. It can happen.

Shimmer? I thought shimmer was neat.
Ya, it can be, but unless you're a ghost in October, don't do as follows:
(too much shimmer... and didn't I mention to stay away from the brow?)

YAY! it's time for DO'S!
Please notice the natural makeup and lips with these smokey eyes:

Yes, you can NOW add shadow right under your brow...if
it's a similar shade to your natural skin tone and not too shimmery.

It's fine, (even encouraged) to add your smokey color under your eye...but not too thick. If you want it thicker under your eyes, add the thickness mainly on the outer.

Shimmer can be stunning. If done correctly. Even up to the brow!
Notice the subtle change from smokey gray up to a brown then up to a shimmer nude.

No shadow under the brow...It's quite dandy actually.
(And usually easier for beginners).

I know it's cliche' to show celebs, but we all know they have professional makeup artist, so I want you to take a peak and notice that a smokey eye is ALWAYS (or should be) done with natural makeup.

Are you still confused? Do you need a tutorial?
Alright, here are my favs:

THIS first one is a favorite because 1:she does it all under $10. 2:With minimal product, and 3:Because she links the products under her video. (I seriously am buying the thick black pencil!) I dont LOVE the silver shimmer, but if you love it, then do it, but maybe with a little less.

HERE'S a tutorial for those with dark skin. She blends and uses black and brown shades beautifully.

And finally an EASY PEASY tutorial if you're still feeling overwhelmed. She uses Q-tips and drug store makeup products. (But the only CON is that the video is long, but it's worth the sacrifice of your time;)

I have so many ladies out there telling me they're too chicken to try the smokey eye! ANd that they need more direction in the manor...Well,


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Belle said...

I love the smokey eye look and this is a good lesson on how to do it right.


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