Princess Poddy Training

I thought you should know...that I'm training a Princess to use the white porcelain.
I want nothing more than to have your sympathy a diaper free home, and smell-good bedrooms. Is there such a thing? I don't recall.
My son did it all on his own when he was three. She just turned two this past November.
Is she ready? I am.

HE was ready and did it all in one day by himself.
SHE is going to be a process.
Any advice?
She knows what she's doing. She hates the cold-pull-ups and tells me when she needs to go, but if she doesn't have them on, she could care less.
I really want her to wear panties during the day and the pull ups at night.
Is there really such a thing as easy potty training? Or is it just a 'get rich quick' scheme?

*Ups n Downs*

Tinkle tinkle little tot,
little bare bums on the pot.
Potty dances, potty parties,
sprinting when there's lil farties.
Days of celebrating cheers,
in between our daily tears.
I think we're gunna make it through,
But then some days, it's harder too.


{pics and poem by me}


michelleml said...

I'm wondering the same thing. My son started at 22mon on his own also. But my daughter who turned 2 in oct doesn't want anything to do with it. If you come up with any good ideas please share.


The Gray Gang said...

With my little boy we did the 3 day potty train, but it is a NO PULL UP method. I'm going to email it to you. It worked for us. I know everyone works with something different. I think the key to this is throwing out all the pull ups and diapers, then you both know, it has to happen!

Michelle said...

I was going to say the 3 Day method too! My daughter started going by herself 18-20mos & been dipe free since 21mos! I'm going to email you though! BTW super cute poem & love the pictures too! :D

The Hawks said...

I did the 3 day potty training also. Works wonders! Its the one that they wear panties all day and you throw their diapers away.

Stephanie Vogel said...

I don't know jack about potty training, but your daughters hair is amazing!....seriously. My girly is almost 20 months and we've taken a break from potty training she still too young and therefore I still don't know what I am doing. The older they get the more lost I am. :) Good luck!

Amy said...

My parents read us the book Once Upon A Potty. That got us excited as kids. One whole page is full of the main character sitting on the porcelain thrown waiting for something to happen. It says "and sat and sat and sat...." like fifty times. Teaches patience :)

'T' said...

l, when these awesome followers email the three day potty training method, forward it on to me, k? xxx ooo, t

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Linds, I want more info on the 3 day potty training method too! Cyrie is doing a lot better than bridge. He screams if we go anywhere near the toilet...it is kind of a scary thing. But he loves the potty chair. Love the pictures, and the poem!

Melissa Bryner said...

Just finished potty training my last child:) The first and last were a breeze, but only because I let them tell me when they were ready. My oldest took off her diaper at 2 years old and that was it. Only 1 or 2 accidents! It was awesome. My next daughter I forced into potty training 3 months before she turned 3 years old. It was AWFUL! She had a terrible time and so did I!!! My youngest I had attempted to potty train several times with no luck (she is super stubborn). I finally decided she would let me know when she was ready, and sure enough it happened a few weeks ago. She will be 3 in April. I really think it makes life so much better if you let them decide for themselves. That way they feel a responsibility in what they are doing and are more likely to succeed. I could be wrong, but my experience has shown me that. The first and the last both only had a couple accidents ever (and they were tiny). My middle child had too many accidents to count (and they were catastrophic)! A little advice about the best training panties in the world, go to Walmart and find their training pants. They come in a 3 pack for around $7. I know they are expensive, but they will save your carpets and everything else from getting wet when there is an accident. Good Luck!

Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

My daughter became interested in potty training at 18 months old. I potty trained that young as well so I thought it would be routine. We bought a potty and panties and we tried three day method on the advice of my friend. She's now 3 and goes potty no problem. SHE WILL NOT POOP in the potty. I'm not telling you this not to discourage you by any means. I want to let you know every child is different, some are more willing to potty train than others. The important thing is to stick w/ it no matter how long it takes. I wouldn't be too quick in getting rid of diapers though, sometimes kids regress especially if they're sick. Just thought I'd give a heads up in case Cyrie is like my daughter.

Unknown said...

My daughter was easy...but my mom said with girls (she had 4) to use this simple trick:

Buy some beautiful silky panties for her- let her help pick them out. Tell her only 'big girls' can wear those nice panties....big girls that use the potty. ;-) She won't want to wet them and mess them up. I just told my daughter to let me know when she was ready to wear them. It took about a week, and she asked for them.....never had an accident!

My son REFUSED to have anything to do with the potty until he was 4!! Unfortunately, the silky panties were out of the equation for him!

Katie said...

I just went through this with my daughter. I really didn't think she was getting it. I almost gave up. Then one morning, I left her at my mom's house in her underwear (I did warn my mom first!), and something just clicked. I think she needed some space away from ME, following her around, asking her if she had to go potty every 5 minutes.


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