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being a girl is kinda fun, almost too much fun. I've always loved it. When I was little I was a Tom-Boy but even though I was wearing Michael Jordan's Jersey, my hair was still done and I had lip gloss in my pocket. I.LOVE.BEING.A GIRL.
So sometimes I go over board when I hear about the birth of a new baby girl (especially, if it's the first girl).
This blog post consists of what I did yesterday:
A tutu, because it's cheap (especially if you already have everything to make it) and so easy and by far the most frilly thing a girl could own! I have the best easiest tutorial HERE.
A matching hair bow: Mandatory.Leg-warmers out of an old long-john shirt...With stinkin cute ruffles at both ends. I just cut the sleeves, sewed them a lil skinnier and then zig-zag stitched the ends. And it ruffled. Can life be happier?
I'm going to be making some for my daughter with the left overs, (but on the inside I was wishing there was enough for me :(
A bracelet.
Ya. Being a girl is a little more than a blast.But then, you get a fluffy teddy and even though in it's previous life his name was Bo.
HisHer name is now Nala.
Forget gift baskets! This is better and funner!

The bow:
The tutu:

The leg-warmers: (safety pinned to hand)

The bracelet: (around the leg-warmers)

And then a $1 frame (from D.I.) spray painted brown:

With adorable ribbon to match the bedroom.
You definitely dont necessarily need a teddy...but like I said...a little out of hand I am.

Enjoy your weekend!


Andrea said...

your link to the tutu tutorial (yeah by the way say it 5 times fast...it will make you giggle.) didnt work. could you let me know where it went to?!
i would LOVE to do that!


janadec9 said...

yeah...what she said!!! Thanks!

Linds said...

heehee...I did giggle.
For the love!
It should be workin now :) Thanks ladies!


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