Anthro & V {inspired} Page-Pears

Anthro really inspired Emily over at On The V Side, who inspired ME!
I loved her white set up with these GORGEOUS page pears!
So I ran to the dollar store and bought these corn husk beauties...

I modpodged them each with old book pages starting from the bottom...

And slowing working my way up. I found that I would paint on the mod podge and then use my finger to smooth circles into all the excess creases...

Why do I love blogging? Because I love you guys and because I love sharing! I dont know what I would do if everyone didn't share ideas!
Thanks Emily for a fun and easy project that only took me about 30 minutes!


seven thirty three said...

We have a knock-off contest going on over at seven thirty three... you may want to come link up! :)

I love ANYTHING that has been covered with print or music... I am just drawn to it!

Emily [On the V Side] said...

Yours turned out Great! I love that you left the leaf - great texture and a nice touch.

And hey, thanks for the shout-out! :)


Jessica said...

So cute! Something so awesome for so cheap!

Jessica @
Chapman Place

Greta [NLDesigns] said...

I love these! They turned out so cute! I feature this post on my blog so my readers can find your project!

check it out here:

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

These look sophisticated! I love them! Just needa get my hands on some modge podge... :D

jamie. said...

love these! i actually spotted them in anthro a while ago too and was thinking about trying something similar.

Kristi @ Lolly Jane said...

Hello! We are IN LOVE with these and totally copied them! Thanks for the cute tutorial- we linked you on our post, too :) Happy crafting!
xo, Lolly Jane

Screaming Sardine said...

Those are so cute! I love pears and mod podging, so I just have to do these!

Thanks for sharing,


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