Poster Board Sticker Chart...{and a thanks}

In a previous post I mentioned we were trying to potty train. Thank you to EVERYONE for such GREAT advice! She has been doing so great! We've only had night accidents in the last month! I always seem to have to do a WHOLE other potty training for the 'night wets'...darn it.

But I finally resorted to what I did for my son...A very large sticker chart.
I just take a poster board draw a quick chart (literally...dont go thinking I get out my measurements and take pride in spacing the squares perfectly). I just take a marker and start drawing the chart. Some boxes are big, some are small, but it works quite well since the stickers are different sizes too.
I dont know about you, but when i was growing up, you weren't COOL at school if you didn't have anything by 'Lisa Frank' (well...the girl's anyway). I found a sticker book of Lisa Frank's and was Ecstatic!

I made sure to put a picture of her going potty on the chart so she knew exactly what it was for. A little motivation.

Have I told you my daughter is obsessed with the Hulk? It must have slipped my mind...but she walks around the house saying "HULK SMASH!" while pounding her fists on the ground.
(Right after she's done playing kitty or princess)

I have to be honest...I've had just as much fun with this sticker chart as she has!
(My son's was pretty cool considering that he was into tractors at the time, but this is just another example of how fun lil girls are!)

Looking at the chart now...I think she's been pretty successful!
She still gets candy when she goes Nu'mero Dose. She gets a ring pop (another childhood fav) I buy them 4 for a $1 at the Dollar Tree :)

Thanks for all your Potty Training tips earlier!
As you can see...it worked!!!


Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

Too funny! I did a sticker chart for both of my kids, I have never heard of anyone else doing it. We are both brilliant! My son was so funny he would pee-pee just a bit, get his sticker and then run back to go some more and get another sticker. Whatever works right?!

Brittney said...

Oh my gosh!! I had so many lisa frank stickers!! They were the best ever!! Maddax is totally potty trained now! Its soooo nice!!

Under the sun said...

That's great! So much colors! You can make your own figurines with iclicknprint using shapes and clip arts.


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