What your face needs...and what I use.


Make sure you're doing these four things!
But before we go over the 4 basics your skin desperately needs,
you first need to know your skin type. It's important, especially when it comes to the facial products you use. Remember...it's your face we're talking about.

1. Your face needs to be cleansed.
You can find a good cleanser at a drug store, you surely dont need to spend $50 on one. You only need to cleanse at night (in fact it's strongly recommended), water will be just fine to clean with in the morning. My top rated drugstore cleanser is THIS. You can find it for about $6. Right now I'm loving THIS. But dont worry ladies I'm still a faithful grape-seed oil user!

2. Exfoliate.
So many people miss this weekly process. Ya, it's important, but let me give you a little bit of information that scared me into exfoliating every week. Have you ever wondered why men don't age as fast? It's because it's proven that when men shave every day it's exfoliation. And now the world of men look younger than us ladies. I dont know about you, but I jumped on the band wagon! Keep in mind that it's ONLY needed weekly. And I'll say this; I'm a fan of the peels, some exfoliants can feel harsh on skin. I LOVE THIS ONE! And dont think I'll ever switch!
3. Moisturize.
Dont skip over this step if you have oily skin! It's just like when people with oily hair think they need to skip conditioning. Every skin type needs to moisturize. This includes an eye cream if you want one, but don't over moisturize, it will clog your pores. Always listen to your skin. These are some I've loved or am loving...1, 2, 3, 4.

4. SPF.
The number one cause of wrinkles is caused by the sun. Do your skin a favor and use it. I think sunscreen is vital for your whole body and face. There's the argument stating the lack of Vitamin D when you douse yourself in sunscreen. I think we still get enough from the sun, and don't they have Vit D over the counter? (This is where I make sure to state you consult your physician first;) You can find my very very top sunscreen picks HERE.
Toners are overrated and accomplishes nothing more than what these 4 remedies and products will do. But the choice is completely up to you.

Let's love our faces shall we?
It's a beautiful canvas that needs some TLC.

What's your favorite products???
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Kristine Bunting said...

Hey I love your post, But I am wondering if you could post your top rated products for each section (i.e. moisturizer, exfoliates, etc.) Thanks and Love your blog:)

Kristine B

Linds said...

Thanks Kristine! I think I will! I was scared to, because some are pricey, but I'll give a good variety!

sunflowergirl said...

Love this! However, some of your links are dead :( Would you mind either updating them or posting the product names so we can find them?

Love your advice, though! Just found you via pinterest, and am now going through your blog. Loving it so far!



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