Bath Bombs {and a recipe}

I have an obsession. I don't believe it's curable simply because this obsession runs in my family.
It's my personal "time out." I have a wonderful husband who makes me a bath 2 to 3 times a week. (ridiculously spoiled).
I get bubbles. I get candles. I get a book. I get peace.
And just the sight of these make me melt with fizzy pleasure...
Did you know they're great gifts?! Even Easter!
(although, spare your kids, they may not get as excited as yourself)

And party favors...
I hate that bath bombs are so expensive. Even the ones I find at Ross or T.J's are expensive. So I searched, (after a DUH thought came to me) and I found a very reliable RECIPE on the web. (Even in the comments below the recipe, it shows other trials from other people and has they're photos!) I think I'm going to get RIGHT on this!

What's cool is you can buy different molds or you can use one of these. Or if you want to be brilliant, like in the recipe I posted, she used old christmas tree ornaments that are meant to put candy in.
And you can even find starter kits!
It's exciting! They're SO MUCH cheaper and funner to make! I can pick a relaxing one or a sleepy one, or a calming one. I'm excited here. Christmas gifts this year maybe?
Do you enjoy yourself a good bath?

p.s. so my oldest read a whole book yesterday for the first time (granted it was a kindergarten book, but still) I got a little emotional. He hasn't even started preschool yet. A great mommy moment...shared with a few happy/sad mixed feeling tears.


smiley said...

Once one can read, the entire world opens up!!! What a special memory ♥ What a great mommy!!!

I have some questions about this whole Link party thing.

Kinda new with the blog follower thing. You were my first blog to follow. I found you through New Dress A DAY. Now, I follow more blogs than I even know about, and I am overwhelmed at times.
Is there how to follow blogs for dummies? I'm afraid to Google that, it may lead to more blogs!!!

Jamie said...

Hello, Thanks so much for sharing this post! I love the idea of making bath fizzies. I've been working on an article about frugal handmade gifts and I hope it's okay that I've featured your post here along with a link back to your page. You can see it here:


Thanks so much for sharing!


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