RUFFLE Revamp Lamp Shade...{eeek!}

I was super happy when I found this lamp for $4 at the D.I! It's so hard to find one in such GREAT shape. But here's the thing...

...although baby pink gingham is adorable, I have absolutely no rooms to go with it.

I taped off the inner edges...

That ball of plastic is packing tape. I had to get a little creative so that no paint touched the inside of the lamp shade.

I sprayed the outside of the shade brown and while it dried
I cut 2.5" strips of brown flannel.

And straight stitched down the center of each so I could pull and ruffle it :)
YAY for ruffles!
Here's the first ruffle...looking kinda like a garter.
I have to be honest...There's a lot of ruffle lamp shades out there, and I want one so badly, but I was so afraid it was going to turn out to be a wreck!
A big Craft FAIL.
but I kept going...

(for the edges I glued one edge to the shade like so...)

(and then folded the other edge under {into a ruffle shape}
and glued it down to the other edge)

Here's ruffle # 2! Starting to feel a little better here. (Worried I would run out of ruffle strips or that this would start looking trashy...but it just kept getting better!)

number 3! {eeek!}

Number 4! {Oh my goodness...only one more!}

I just cant tell you! (takes breath) I'm excited.
I'm on cloud 87 here. And I'm not coming down any time soon.
The lamp base had absolutely NO dents or scratches or any sign of wear n' tear.
So I didn't touch it. It's perfect the way it is...
Light's on! And feeling so fabulous!
This shall be gracing the master bedroom. My husband and I have been wanting a bed lamp for...AGES. My husband and I 'paper-rock-scissors' each night to see who's turn it is to get up and turn that light off. (I seem to always win that game). But now I can just stay up longer and read ;)

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Prudently Painted Vintage said...

This adorable! I too have been wanting to make a ruffle lamp for awhile. I just need to find a good deal at a thrift store like you did!

Love it :)

Emily [On the V Side] said...

That looks great! Totally looks more than $4 :) And, I'm pretty sure that's a PB Kids lamp - fairly pricey, so you got even more of a bargain! High Five! :)

'T' said...

well if that lamp isn't the cutest thing in the u.s.a. goo job. i'll be swinging into d.i. to see what i can find. love ya.

'T' said...

goo job? ha.

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Love it! What a fab idea! xx

Mar said...

So tres chic!! I love the brown too. You did a fab job! Great tutorial too.


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