These frames and polka-dot yoyo's excite my insides a little. But what's even better, is I found these frames at the Dollar Tree. Seriously. And lets not forget that I didn't even purchase this polka-dot fabric (NO I didn't steal it) A friend gave me a few bags of fabric (serious. again.) and what a perfect match for these frames!
I did the LARGE stitch yoyo's and added a button or two...
Then hot glued them onto my $1 frames.
And can you guess where these babies are headed?
To a wedding reception.
Because spending $3 on a wedding gift is legal. (So I've heard)

Thanks for coming!
Leave me some comment loven and return tomorrow for

Here's some googled pics below to give you more inspiration!


Barbie said...

Dollar tree? Shut UP! I'm a DT fiend (actually worked there for a few months lol) so I WILL be on the look out for these!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Love it when dollar tree has cute stuff. And love how the yo-yo's made them even cuter! I just got several yards of fabric from my mother in law, and I'm super excited! Love free stuff!

'T' said...

oh fun.

Terésa Marie said...

I'm loving this series! Magnets are adorable... Making the bracelet tonight to wear on my vacation this weekend, the magnets and frames will definitely be on my to do list!


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