This is a purse that looks quite decent from here. And with a blaring camera flash that diminishes all the stains on the ivory white slate, it almost looks normal. But trust me...this purse has stains.
So to cover those stains, I went BIG.
Big circles, big stitches, (big salad bowl for a pattern).

5 different sizes :)

And then stitch them on good and tight, but these are BIG so make a couple stitches around the flower so it doesn't sag...
No more stains :)

See ya tomorrow!


Teresa aka Tess said...

OMG, I have a favorite shirt with a stain that is just begging for a yo yo. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Love the bag, it looks great with the colorful yo yo's.

Terésa Marie said...

Love this! I'm thinking a trip to goodwill for a canvas purse might be in order!!!

Made the bracelet last night, love it!!!!! :) So easy too. Thinking about making them for everyone I know!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

super fun! love the new look. (And I absolutely love covering up stained things with applique or flowers.


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