I've gone green. I'm a proud greeny. Green is the new me. (granted I dont have a green thumb, I even kill bamboo, but I DO have a very nice rock garden). But Chemicals are sparse in my home. I think Ajax is the only non-green cleaning product in my home, and it's about to be replaced as well.

I wanted to post this because 1: I need to have it all in one spot and 2:In case you were interested and wanted to join me.

So here is what I'm up to:
*~I clean my own carpets like she did HERE.
*~I keep pests away like this gardener foud HERE. (Even tho I dont have a garden, but I do have bugs, and it has worked).
*~I rip my pores clean like SO.
*~I sweat in my pits. It runs in my family. No this is not a remedy to stop you from sweating. (I've heard that's actually dangerous, but that's for another time) This remedy is from keeping your white shirts from turning yellow, it's quite useful and found HERE.
*~I made homemade spearmint and cinnamon toothpaste, with THIS awesome recipe.
*~I made my own Hand Sani. Seriously.
*~I made a detergent for my DISHwasher. I found the recipe HERE... And was also introduced to a NEAT container I found at walmart for $5 and I use it also for my laundry detergent.
*~Laundry detergent found HERE.
*~I found an AMAZING WEBSITE that shares 25+ household green recipes. My favorites are the All Purspose Cleaner, the hard Floor Cleaner.
*~You can clean your stainless steal perfectly HERE.
*~THIS website I love, and now I spring clean my children's old pee stained mattresses (they're potty trained NOW) And FINALLY feel like they're sanitary.
*~I unclog drains, like SO. (actually I keep them from clogging and do this once a week after DH deep cleans the bathrooms...LOVE that man)
*~And I clean my cutting boards by scrubbing it with THESE.

I completely rely on Baking Soda, Vinegar, Vaseline, and Hydrogen Peroxide every day for different uses. And next summer I'll be trying a homemade Bug Spray found HERE. It calls for essential oils that I dont have. But soon I'll be posting more about essential oils and their amazingness found HERE. I'm deeply in love and dependent on 3 oils already...and I ONLY HAVE 3 oils...so I know they're good.

We've saved some bucks going green because bottles of these remedies cost pennies and we're seeing the results...both in cleanliness AND in our wallets. This is 'Going Green With Lindsay' signing out.

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