Mummies and Snowmen

So every Sunday, we have a candlelight dinner to make it more "reverent' (tho I might add, that my kids just race to eat their food the fastest so they can blow the candles out).

I saw these mason jar mummies on Pinterest, and HAD to make them for October's Sunday dinners. I took some white crape paper streamers and I tore them (lengthwise) in an unmanaged manor and then wrapped up my mason jars and glued on googly eyes.
Put tea lights inside and it's simple enough.

So for December, we (my kids and I) decided to make snowmen. This time I didn't tear the crape paper streamers and just wrapped up the mason jars. (not too thick because you want the tea light to shine through)
Then add your accessories.

I'm wishing I would have made some turkeys for November. It's a fun way to change up our candles for Sunday dinner, but also great for party decor, and table center pieces this weekend!

{You can use the quart OR pint sized mason jars for this project!}


Letters to Jet said...

so cute! love the snowmen!

'T' said...

fun. we should come for sunday dinner to your house. i just invited us! your meatloaf please.

Michaela Stephens said...

Those are so creative! And cheap to put together!


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